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  1. Careful. I don't wanna see you get banned from here. 😳
  2. All this bigfoot talk, and a mouse can't even escape being surveilled.
  3. Mostly with a flyrod, yeah. If you see a guy flyfishing Lake O..... it's probably me. I do eat food like everyone else though. You should see me pick every bit of fat off a pork steak.
  4. I'm almost always in the minority. Being independent and reluctant to blindly follow along, does that. 😊
  5. Cool ! I love it when we can all agree. 🤗 I don't think he said it wasn't great though. Just pointed out that it wasn't the greatest place on planet earth. And the reason why it isn't is because of what some people have done. Remove/replace "some people" and POOF.....Greatest place on planet earth AGAIN. That's what I got from it anyway. 🤷‍♂️
  6. Is electing to not participate in rituals like the pledge or anthem in a "free country" really considered "protesting"? Even if you remain quiet and do nothing to interrupt others from doing whatever they want to?
  7. If you loved my business and for many years I had always done you right, and then you heard someone say something negative about me.....Would you then loose all respect for me? Or would you just assume that the person was just "one of those people".....? There's people right here on this forum that say negative things about me every chance they get, but crazy as it might seem.....my business continues to survive. 🤷‍♂️
  8. The fact that those kinda things create such a negative reaction at sporting events is rediculous to me. Why does that piss off so many people? I couldn't care less whether they bow their head, kneel, or stand there picking their nose. I bet that nobody would even notice if they skipped playing the national anthem altogether.....and the players just came out onto the field, waved to the crowd, and immediately started playing the game. Of course THEN if someone failed to wave....or waved in the wrong direction, there'd be an uproar. 😂 In reality, if you were doing what you ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING.....then you wouldn't notice what anyone else was doing.....now would ya? But instead you've got all these PATRIOT POLICE looking around to see if anyone is not with the protocol, which is just as bad....or should be. Absolutely petty and pathetic. 🤣
  9. A tight fit on compartment lids is good boat design. Keeps them from flopping around in rough water. It's either that, or having to fiddle with a latch every time you want the lid open. 😊
  10. Unless Sasquatch's pop out of the ground like mushrooms then it's safe to assume that it takes two to make one. Nobody ever claims to see a pair, or a family of them, it's always just a single individual. If they are intelligent enough to keep from getting run over by a semi, then they are also intelligent enough to stay together and work, hunt, travel as a team. Judging by their alleged size, and their alleged diet, their growth rate would have to be somewhat similar to humans. Therefore it is highly unlikely that they could reach an age of self-sufficiency before age 10-12. So mamma/daddy Squatch would have to keep the little $#!tasses quiet, out of trash cans, away from traplines and deer stands, and off of highways for over a decade. And also to not get caught out in the open when a helicopter, drone, or Google Earth satellite photo could capture an image of one. That'd be pretty darn hard to do, especially in the Midwest United States. So, no, I just have to maintain the stance that anyone who claims to have seen one....is mistaken. And anyone who claims to have had multiple sightings is 100% full of crap, and should NEVER be considered for JURY DUTY, a job in law enforcement, or even given the right to own guns, drive cars, breed, and vote. Just go ahead and put them on house arrest after their second sighting.....and upon the third sighting just go ahead and put them in a padded cell with a etch-a-sketch and no internet access. Continued tolerance of that type of stuff is why we can't get anything done properly in this country. And it's why we have 4-stroke outboards, gas cans with no vent hole, stay-hard pills, a president that can't recite the alphabet, and cars that lock the doors automatically when we shift into Drive. 🙄
  11. I've seen bigger, but not here around my place. He's only 8pts. but the size of each tine is kinda special. Appears to be a rather young deer
  12. That stuff is really heavy. A customer of mine had the complete inside of his jon boat "Rino-lined" and that sucker is HEAVY now. He definitely lost his snappy hole-shot.
  13. I love it that it dries fast, and cleans up easily, but I don't know yet how long it is going to last. I have a feeling that the sun is going to deteriorate it alot faster than carpet. And it is going to look like hell once it begins to age. Having to replace it every 4-5 years would really suck. A good carpet job typically lasts 15+ years.
  14. Yep. Lucky indeed. Amber has a permanent scar on her lip as a reminder every time she looks in the mirror.
  15. He's still a bit fuzzy. He showed up yesterday too. Can't get a truly good pic because it's always almost dark out. My daughter has named him "Hightower".
  16. That poor dude can't even walk to the mailbox without seeing either a bear, wolf cougar, or sasquatch. That would suck!
  17. The badminton is fun to watch. I don't care for doubles though. The U.S. bombed ! Too bad 😔
  18. True that. Sometimes I just float around out there sipping on MGD and enjoying the peace & quiet. One evening the fish suddenly started blitzing and it actually pissed me off. I mean c'mon LEAVE ME ALONE! 😅
  19. Bobcats are bone collectors. On a tract that I used to bowhunt there was a giant rock pile that always had piles of bones (deer, turkey, rabbit, a whole assortment) and bobcat tracks all around it. Never once saw a bobcat on foot there but it was obvious that they frequented it regularly. The biggest deer I have ever had within range came 25 yards from my stand within sight of that rock pile. It was late, possibly past legal shooting time, and I was so shaken up that I couldn't get steady enough to release the arrow. I blew it. Total Freakin' Bullwinkle ! Speaking of nice deer.....this one stopped by for a visit yesterday
  20. Best answer ever ! 😂👏
  21. Do you jump up and immediately wash your hands after sex?
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