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  1. Maybe a dumb question, but is the transducer on the force TM compatible with lowrance? Or do you have to buy a garmin fish finder. Looks like it would not work to mount the lowrance transducer to the garmin motor. if I am not able to spring for the panoptix at this time, what is a good garmin fish finder to get for the bow of the boat?
  2. Hey fellas, maybe some of you that have a Garmin trolling motor could weigh in on any pros and cons they have experienced. Brother in law works for Garmin and can get one at a pretty good discount, but still $1,000 more than a basic cable steer model from the other guys. would be willing to buy one, but wanted to get any reviews I could from some who actually own one. Thanks
  3. 18” crappie is a specimen! Had to be well north of 2 pounds. I would think very strongly about mounting one that big. Good job.
  4. Ok, thanks. Don’t have the TM yet, but getting one soon and trying to get an idea of pricing. thanks for your input.
  5. I realize there are variables, but what would you say ballpark to install a new trolling motor. Not an I pilot or anything, just a basic 80lb thrust like a mun Kota fortrex or similar?
  6. Just did it. You were right, it was pretty easy.
  7. I was confused by that youth trout permit deal when they don’t need an actual fishing license. I renewed my trout permit online, but it wasn’t easy to buy one for a youth that hasn’t been in the system yet. I’m headed down tomorrow, may stop and get him a license at Lilly’s when I pick up some hot baits.
  8. Does my 9 year old son need a trout permit? Pretty sure he doesn’t need a general fishing permit until 16 years old, can anyone verify that?
  9. I’ve been a fan of the purple back McStick for cold water bass. Probably have a few.
  10. Headed down in a few weeks and want to fish artificial for trout. I’ve seen/read/tried jerkbaits being successful. Quick question, do you all use “standard” 4” jerkbaits like you would for cold water bass? Do you go with smaller ones than that? I’d be up for hearing color/bait types toy have success with too. I was assuming the megabass knockoff baits would work, bl just seeing if anyone has any insight. Thanks.
  11. You’re welcome. Glad we could help.
  12. Coming down this weekend and wondering if the water was still high. Any help is appreciated.
  13. Wilson, Melvern? Maybe best not to say, but those are nice.
  14. I went out from 5:30 to dark last night and caught 6 or 8 bass. One nice largemouth pictured (over 18”) and one fat barely keeper. Caught a spot or two that were over 12”. All on a stick bait. I was at the 7mm or so. Pretty decent couple of hours. Saw shad tails hanging out of the gullet in a couple of them.
  15. I caught this one two weekends ago at night on a big worm. 11:30pm. 5lbs 1 oz.
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