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  1. that has to be the best Kool Aid inspired quote of all time. Might as well include all the major cities. Thank God it has nothing to do with Democratic control.
  2. has anyone ever actually met oneshot to verify is existence?
  3. speaking of life jackets, it amazes me to watch floaters with their dogs coming down Black River. The majority of the dogs have their life jackets on while the humans do not. I just shake my head in amazement.
  4. the chief hasn't been around for a while either........ I wonder if they are one and the same?
  5. until gigging is banned any smallmouth regulations are a mute point
  6. but the Big M area is where you really need to go for numbers and HUGE bass.
  7. a Classic observation - they fish 4 day tournaments all year to qualify for the Classic. Then it is a 3 day tournament. Why? What if the NFL only played 3 quarters in the Superbowl? I have never heard BASS's reasoning on this. Do they have a reason?
  8. 60 degree surface temp in mid May is not normal.
  9. is there anything that is not rising in price? Should be a good cost of living adjustment this year(LOL!)
  10. you need a new boat Quill. That measuring stick is fading and looks worn out.
  11. yep, give up everything that you enjoy to eat and drink. Get healthy. Live to 95, the last 12 to 15 years in the nursing home hoping to win Bingo at least once a week, but by God you ain't dead. Moderation is about the best I figure I can ever do. Then take my chances that an 18 wheeler doesn't T-bone me on the highway.
  12. what a difference a year makes. We were energy independent. Full employment. Have you priced used trucks or boats lately? As mentioned, houses are selling above list price. A month ago, we sold some land along upper Black River that we had bought in 2014. Listed it at a stupid price, and had a buyer in 3 hours plus 4 more in line waiting in case the deal fell through. Left money under the table for sure. Just got a notice on the valuation of our house going up, so taxes are going up. I understand that this is the price of increased value, but many around here are griping big time. As mentioned, the bubble is going to explode sooner or later. I would definitely label it as inflation, but inflation has been redefined so many times that it is hard to quantify it. Hidden inflation? As long as people are getting paid not to work and are living the "good life" demand for everything will remain high, and prices will only go higher.
  13. vacation and chores do not go together.
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