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  1. is there anything that is not rising in price? Should be a good cost of living adjustment this year(LOL!)
  2. you need a new boat Quill. That measuring stick is fading and looks worn out.
  3. yep, give up everything that you enjoy to eat and drink. Get healthy. Live to 95, the last 12 to 15 years in the nursing home hoping to win Bingo at least once a week, but by God you ain't dead. Moderation is about the best I figure I can ever do. Then take my chances that an 18 wheeler doesn't T-bone me on the highway.
  4. what a difference a year makes. We were energy independent. Full employment. Have you priced used trucks or boats lately? As mentioned, houses are selling above list price. A month ago, we sold some land along upper Black River that we had bought in 2014. Listed it at a stupid price, and had a buyer in 3 hours plus 4 more in line waiting in case the deal fell through. Left money under the table for sure. Just got a notice on the valuation of our house going up, so taxes are going up. I understand that this is the price of increased value, but many around here are griping big time. As
  5. vacation and chores do not go together.
  6. neat idea with the bobber
  7. Toledo Bend and Sam Rayburn have many, many, many many acres of water that is less than 20 feet deep. In most years those shallow acres have weed growth. The amount of livable water for the fish is much more than an Ozark Lake. There is not just one shoreline. That's why on MLF there were boats spread all over the place. Bottom line, every public fishery is getting more and more pressure every year. Is it sustainable?
  8. they don't bite a plastic worm anymore, especially that color. Geez.......
  9. thanks. I wonder how many ice cubes would come flying at your face when you were running over choppy water? Being in the front end was bad enough in those stick steering jobs, but to hit a good wave and the cooler lid flying open...... but I am still seriously considering a stick steer for a future purchase since I don't tournament fish anymore and could care less about going anywhere fast. Plus the ease of just sitting in one spot all day.
  10. the recessed tray on the front? Storage or is that where the trolling motor battery sits?
  11. because they are told to always fish a jerk bait in cold water. Obviously they aren't using the "secret" color.
  12. what JD said. I've lived in the area my entire life and never heard of anyone floating it. Several people fish it through private land access and say it is good fishing. PM me and I will tell you about a spot pretty close to there that has some pretty good fishing that doesn't require a planned float.
  13. balmy 16 here this morning. I took the dog out to pee in just a t-shirt(just kidding)
  14. you could back out far enough to break the ice to open water.
  15. the more I think about it, it does work that way. What's your theory? Do the whites corner all the food for themselves?
  16. beetle spins will work until there are no more fish to catch
  17. I was remembering that year while I was reading this thread. We got t-boned here in town during the middle of them by a guy going 5 mph coming out of the Post Office parking lot. Checked my files and it was March 3, 2014. As you mentioned Al, we had 3 or 4 of those Vortex's in a row. Time sure does fly.
  18. is the lake frozen yet? If not it will be interesting to see if anyone actually gets on the lake and reports back with these balmy conditions.
  19. Contrails causes it. There is a lot of military aircraft flying over the midwest these days.
  20. with all due respect to you spoon lovers, I hope not one shad dies because of cold water and it warms up so much that the spawn is a month early. But alas, I am afraid that is fairy tale this year.
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