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  1. Details? Looks like he gave you all the information anyone could need. 🤓
  2. Been on the water two or three times over the last week and have had mixed luck in the 40° water. Been catching a ton of short Crappie and over the last three outings have ended up with around 22 keepers. All of the Crappie were caught on jigs anywhere from 12 to 25 feet over 30 to 35 feet of water. I’ve also caught a number of nice largemouth on swim baits, don’t know where the small fish are but the 3 to 4 1/2 pound fish have been pretty active on main-lake points. I also caught this big white on the Crappie jig and thought I had the whopper crappie of all times. The walleye have slowed
  3. No live scope. I ended up with only 4 but they were all keepers.....1 might have gone 4#’s +\- I noticed you left pretty early, how’d you do?
  4. A foggy start to a very cold day on the lake, for the first time ever we never saw or heard another boat. Ended up with 30 keepers by 2:00. Found the fish in a number of different areas, some over brush in 25 to 30 feet, some on ledges and drop offs in 35 to 45 feet of water, some suspended 40 feet deep over 60 feet of water and a number of them suspended about 10 feet down over 25 feet of water. All caught on jigs in water that is now 38°. Tight Lines! 🎣
  5. Just using my graphs, no live scope.
  6. YES you do!! Anytime brother. You retired yet?
  7. Spent the last three days on the water chasing crappie and ended up with 41 keepers, 5 keeper walleye and a s*#t-ton of short crappie. We found about half of the crappie suspended in 10 foot of water over 25 foot depths and the other half, including the walleye, on bluffs and drops between 30 and 50 feet. Everything was caught on jigs. It was incredible how many bald eagles are currently on the lake, we had them feeding on crappie right behind the boat! Tight Lines! 🎣
  8. Welcome back Skeeter!! Have a healthy & happy New Year!
  9. Merry Merry Fishmas!! 🎄🎣 Tight Lines All!!
  10. Finally got into some really nice crappie + 3 bonus eyes!! 25 to 30 feet on drop-offs and brush!
  11. 44 degrees, you must have been up the river. We were showing 51 on the main lake. Great job! 👏
  12. I was only trying to delete that last post that had no photos on it.I was only trying to delete that last post that had no photos on it.
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