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  1. Up at Stockton I like to go up to the Mutton Creek Marina and throw craws and large spinnerbaits at night during the week. The owners tend to get upset if you fish near the docks but don't mind too much if you're respectful of others and don't make a ton of noise. And if they tell you to fish somewhere else, then follow their directions. I've caught a few 7 pound largemouth out of there.
  2. Has anyone had any luck on catfish from the bank lately? I've been hitting Aldrich and catching an obscene amount of shad for bait but just can't seem to catch anything. I was thinking about hitting the main lake, but it's been so long since I've fished up there that I don't know where any of the good cat spots are. Any pointers? I'm not looking for a secret honey hole, just a good general area. Thanks!
  3. I went to Springfield lake yesterday by the old boat ramp and threw swimbaits all afternoon. I caught 2 small largemouth and saw a whole bunch of bass bruising
  4. Definitely a great place. It's clean, has good friendly service and good prices. Night and day difference compared to Lakey's
  5. I haven't caught any crappie but I went out 6/7 from about 8 till midnight and caught 2 flatheads and a muskie right before dark. The cats were caught on a 3 inch bluegill and a crawdad, and the muskie on a white spinnerbait. I caught them on the east side of the lake across from the fishing dock.
  6. I've always done quite well on bass there. I've been going out every Friday afternoon and most Saturday evenings and I've always caught a few. I seem to have the best luck on the main lake side of the fishing docks and I've been catching them on a weightless senko during the daylight and blue or black craws after the sun goes down. The males I've caught are almost always in 2 to 4 feet of water and the few females I've caught are still full of eggs and are hanging back in the (slightly) deeper water.
  7. Me and a buddy of mine night fish every weekend, but since we don't have a boat, we fish from the bank and can't enter any tournaments. We throw 3 baits- a 3/4 ounce black and green spinnerbait with a black colorado blade, big worms, and craws. The best colors for us are black, dark purple, and green. We mostly walk the bank around Mill Creek and we catch more keepers than shorts, and an average 5 fish limit for us is about 18 pounds.
  8. I hadn't been catfishing all year and was itching for some cats on the line. I picked up my friend and we went up to Aldrich about 5 PM and immediately saw swarms of shad cruising the surface. A few throws with my cast net got us plenty of bait for the day and we loaded our hooks up with 4 little shad on a hook. 10 minutes later, I missed a bite that almost took my pole in the water. After that, we hardly went 20 minutes without a bite, even though most of the fish were drum and some gigantic carp. As soon as the sun went down, we quit catching the rough fish and started catching cats. the final tally was 12 cats, and 46 pounds total. The biggest of the night was a 15 pound flathead that I caught right before we packed up to leave. On a side note, the crappie were THICK there.
  9. Be careful if you're fishing from the bank at Port of Kimberling. I've been asked to leave twice now for bank fishing there. They claim it's private property and will have their "security" run you off. However, the Corps of Engineers says that access to public water is guaranteed and is to remain unrestricted so don't worry about it too much.
  10. Gamakatsu actually makes a lot of hooks for BPS so those are usually what I buy. Of course my employee discount doesn't hurt either lol
  11. The game wardens do make an appearance quite a bit, usually during popular fishing times like weekends and holidays. As for people keeping fish below 60 bridge, it really depends on the game warden to decide if its legal or not. The wildlife code is subject to their interpretation and will be enforced on their judgement. Depending on the game warden, you may or may not agree with what they say. The 2 men that show up are nothing but fair and courteous, the female is... shall we say less so?
  12. The water did cool down quite a bit. Plus with them not running any water for some reason pretty much shut things down. The water temps should be rising again with the warm forecast so the cats should be picking up again soon. Although since the lake is so warm compared to other bodies of water, they may be spawning right now. On most lakes around here they spawn towards the end of May, so in a week or two we should be tearing them up
  13. Don't worry too much FisherBear. We catfishermen are a lazy bunch and only fling our obscenely large hooks a few times a day lol. As for when and where, try the first fishing dock by the power plant and throw just a little to the left of the current. Most of the ones I've seen caught were in the afternoon and they were using cut suckers and nightcrawlers for the channels and live perch for the flatheads
  14. Check out the Wire Road CA down in Crane. It's managed for the trout stream but there are a ton of deer cruising around. It's archery and muzzle loader only though. But the plus side is there's a lot of people that hike and ride horses there so the deer are pretty used to human scent.
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