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  1. Only buy cordless if you absolutely need it. They're pretty good, but not as good as a long stroke corded, and they suck batteries down in a hurry, unless you want to spend big money on brushless. I have a DeWalt corded that is a cuttin' SOB. Beats any other that I've tried. The more stroke and amps, the better.
  2. 9" for crappie and 13" for bass on Pomme.
  3. A lot of guys like those Suzuki Samurai/Geo Trackers. Pretty capable and they don't have the Jeep brand premium.
  4. Forrest Gump style? Just can't beat the cut quality of one 30" blade. Ever run one of these? Pretty fun till you turn too fast and it bucks you off, gotta drag a knee like Rossi.
  5. Or just how much nitrous you can feed it before kaboom.
  6. Same here. I alternate sometimes between just hopping it back to the boat, or picking up my rod and letting it pendulum. I've also done okay fishing it vertical in deeper water, about like snap jigging for walleyes. I'm not really a bass fisher, but the ned is just plain fun.
  7. The thing with testing for long term side affects, you need a long term. It was tested the same way that others are, but funding and manufacturing were able to be side stepped because of the urgency, those are normally what hamper development. Don't get me wrong, I am as weary as the next guy and still haven't gotten it, but I like to think that the professionals behind this know a thing or two about it. Sources (and there are several others regarding 'ol Tucker): https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2021/may/06/tucker-carlson/tucker-carlsons-misleading-claim-about-death
  8. I'd guess that any of those that died from the vaccine, would've also died had they gotten Covid, or already had it and didn't know when they got the shot.
  9. Have you priced trucks lately? That tank strap is a $100 fix. Running and cranking compression tests would tell you if the issue is mechanical. Mechanical failures also rarely come and go, although if a cylinder is marginally weak sometimes they will come to life with some RPM, but have a dead miss at idle and low speed. A high speed, high load single cylinder miss pretty well fits the definition of an ignition failure. Even if you do plan to sell it, I would get it fixed, chances are pretty good that the repair bill will be less than what you will lose selling it broken.
  10. That has just been my experience fishing Stockton, 55-65 is best, much warmer than that it gets tougher, for crappie anyways. I don't know much about bass. I caught a jet black male with totally ragged out fins on Friday, like he had been tending a bed for some time. If they are on the beds up by the dam, pretty good assumption that they have been there done that further up the lake where it's a few degrees warmer.
  11. I've come to the same conclusion. Even the retired guys around here still work at least part time to stay busy. Generally speaking, there's usually a reason why some places can't find good help, look at the common denominator. If you've been divorced 5 times, maybe it's you.
  12. Water temps were 66 at the dam yesterday. I think the spawn is close to being over and done with.
  13. I snuck out for a couple hours last night. I ended the night with 3 keeper walleyes, 4 shorts, 2 crappie, and a couple whites. All anywhere from 45-20 feet along the dropoff of a point, livescoping with a zoom tiny fluke on an 1/8 oz jig. Lot of fun.
  14. Sure makes you wonder if we're headed for another 2008. Housing market is on fire, homes selling everywhere for above list. Can't say that I blame people for sitting at home and collecting more on unemployment than they were making before. Gas going up has less to do with the president and more with lessening travel restrictions and the big winter storm in the south. Plus there is usually always an uptick in the spring and summer every year.
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