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  1. I am no longer able to view posted images. Help? Thamks
  2. Bad posterior - hahaha. You know what I mean.
  3. Big wind has stirred up fish. Tuesday had good jerkbait bite up James almost up to Cape Fair. Some swimbait bite on pea gravel. All in the wind, point and cuts. After big wind Tuesday, Wednesday bite finally picked up near Aunts Creek area, mostly jerkbait on channel swings, bluff end and points. Only 3 hours 13 good ones up to 17” spots, 1 lm, 1 meanmouth. Some big spots. All on the stop. 5-10 seconds. It’s happening. What you’ve been waiting for. Thanks to Babler for the heads-up. Wind was bad posterior. Be careful. Wish I had a few more days there. Bull Shoals next up.
  4. Had left knee replaced June 2020 & right one August 2021. Were both life changing experiences for me. Perceived increase of strength because of lack of any pain, plus actual strength increase from therapy and ability to finally work out and walk distance again was real. Really looking forward to getting boat and baits wet. Soon! A bit surprised at how many of us have been through that.
  5. They came through for me. Nice fish! You always seem to do well.
  6. For simplicity’s sake I’ve settled on 8# & 12# InvisX (I buy 1,000 yd spools on sale Christmas) plus use braid for topwater.
  7. Those colors on my previous posts are for when the standards are being ignored or you are looking for a new favorite. Blue bellied one, “Stone Cold” caught my interest.
  8. *T*


    Nice fish. Tail spinner long time favorite at Table Rock. Only ones in my tackle box currently are 1/4oz hammered silver and all hooks have been bent open somewhat.
  9. Good wake bait for flat water. Doesn’t shine/show as well when chop on water as Redfin. Fish catcher though.
  10. Good info! Will try that approach next week. Thanks!
  11. Hell of a spot! Love to to see giant spots. And that is on good one.
  12. Another option for the 3.8” is the G-Money swimbait head. 3 for $3.99
  13. Have seen these numerous times when fishing the bridge abutments at Kimberling City, and there were many, but not recently.
  14. Well they are safe from you. I hear you only know how to catch toothy critters.
  15. Well you know where to find them. If you can't, no one can. 🐟
  16. Great fish!! Congratulations!! Hope a few details are coming.
  17. One comment I saw recently, and maybe it was from Bo, if you've located fish and shad but can't get them to bite your vertical presentation, might be worth a try at moving off of them and casting back into them from a distance. Slight change in presentation. Also, if they are not biting right now, hit another spot for a bit and then come back for another try. They may switch from no bite to a hot bite at any time for no apparent reason. Just another rookie's thoughts here. Good luck out there.
  18. To kind of answer the original question, there is not a much better scenario than fishing Table Rock Lake at sunrise, with a highly experienced guide, going to fish known productive locations for possibly numbers, and quality fish, regardless of time of year. Personally prefer artificial baits. Would not question guide’s recommendations, even though when not controlling boat, I struggle with not following my own preferences. But November, December or February would be my choice months for undisturbed fishery and possible hot trip. You’ve got to watch weather though when planning. Good luck
  19. Not to excuse those using no running lights, but isn’t there a 30 mph speed limit at night on Table Rock?
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