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    *T* reacted to Quillback for a article, February 1 - Big M area   
    Put the boat in the water about 7:15 AM and fished until 2:30.  Is was a cloudy, misty morning with little wind.
    Started off on a long rocky ledge and stayed there for a good chunk of the morning, with the flat water there was a bit of top water activity, bass were coming up and swirling on shad.  I caught several on a Pointer 78 and picked up a couple of good crappie also on the Pointer.  Once the Pointer bite got slow, I switched out to the Ned and picked up some more bass, slow dragging on the bottom.
    Once the bite died down on the ledge I bounced around fishing some points and steep banks.  The fish got squirrelly, I bet I had another 8 bites and every one of those fish got off.
    Only other boat I saw today was Tom from Eagle Rock, he was catching some too.
    I caught 13 bass, good keeper ratio today, 6 or 7 were keepers.
    WT 42-43

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