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    *T* reacted to Hunter53 in Report from my trip down   
    Little late getting this posted as was really busy after getting home.
    Anyway wife and I were down from4-23 till 5-6. Since it is her vacation she doesn't like to get up real early so most days we didn't get out until 9-9:30 and would fish 5-6 hours. We had some good days and some not so good days. The not so good days were always the bright sunny days with little to no wind. Also didn't fish in the rain any. Yeah I know we should have but we didn't.
    Ned was the bait that we caught most fish on. I did catch a few on a jerkbait and crankbait(one day). The jerkbait did produce some walleys too. I caught 6 eyes but only one was a keeper size (21 1/2") the rest were 16-17 7/8ths.
    Most days we caught somewhere around 25-30 with 1/2-2/3 of the fish being keeper size. The exception to that is the bright sunny/no wind days that I mentioned being our worst days. The sunny days we still would catch around 20 or so but most all of them were SMALL and it was a grind to catch them! One of the sunny days we could't get anything going around Kimberling so ran up the white and found spots and a couple walleye on flat gravel main lake point. Those fish were on ned as well and were in 15-20 feet of water.
    As for the fish around Kimberling. We had our best luck using ned rig on secondary gravel and small chunk rock points. Our fish were mostly in the 14ft range give or take a little. The one day I caught some on the crankbait it was 8-10ft. With ned it was cast and let it sit for a little bit then drag a few inches to a foot and let it sit for a few seconds and repeat.
    Our best day our best 5 would have been 14 3/4-15lbs; didn't weigh one largemouth that would have been close to 3lbs give or take a couple ounces. The other 4 were smallies that went 3-2, 3-1, 3-1 and 3-0.  The other days would have been 13-14lbs; except for those sunny/no wind days then we would only catch 2-3 keepers.
    Caught a couple BIG bluegills and Goggle eyes on the ned too.
    As always; all the fish we caught including the walleye, gills and goggle eyes are still swimming.


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    *T* reacted to merc1997 Bo in Crazy Weather   
    with the lake not dropping, and water temps not really on the rise, it could be some great fishing during the day.  there will be many ways to skin the cat, but i could put a rod with a jig on the deck and that is it.  i like simple fishing.
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    *T* reacted to Dutch in Thanks Dutch   
    I sure do hope they get some good from them.  They were just collecting dust here.
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    *T* reacted to Quillback in Jimmy and Roland   
    Never have liked the fishing shows where they fish a private lake and talk about what a great lure they are throwing.  If they want to sell me a lure, film your show on Table Rock or better yet, Beaver and show me how it does on the highly pressured lakes we fish.  
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    *T* reacted to Fishrman in Baxter   
    Fished club tourney today and ran to aunts creek.   Fished one hundred yard stretch all day.   My son and I caught 4 keepers each,  his weighed 11.61 and mine weighed 12.06.  Caught all on jerkbait.  WT was 58.  Shad abundant where we were with fish chasing.
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    *T* reacted to Royal Blue in Big M area, April 15   
    The crankbait fish I was catching were on chunky rock with gravel around.  All of them in the 1st or 2nd cut of a creek.
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    *T* reacted to Sprint21fter in Been awhile!   
    Been fishing hard since the -15 temps in February with limited success!  Fishing the Solo Pro Series had been interesting to say the least.  Not capitalizing on key bites when opportunity knocks. (Pull offs) treble hook baits.  Man I love this crazy game of cat mouse.  Anyways, fished the rock today 5 bites, 3 shorts/ 1 -3lber and pulled off a significant bigger one 5 ft from boat. They sure are fun watching them in the clear water shacking their heads!  That 1 fish would have put me in the top 30! Today!   The rock showed her teeth today. Congrats to everyone that's been catching them! KC-Cape Fair. Wt:58-61.
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    *T* reacted to Fishrman in Sat. And Sun.   
    Fished the Joe Bass Saturday and fished my club tournament Sunday. Fished from KC to Shell Knob Saturday, fished the arig to visible trees as I don't have livesvope.  Caught a limit that weighed 11.4.  Finished 11th.  Had my son fishing with me and he caught keeper number 5 with 10 minutes to go.  Could not catch them on jerkbait.  Fished club Sunday stayed in shell knob area.   Caught 10 keepers.  Arig for the first 5 then I checked an area with jerkbait caught 2 keeps and culled.  Followed that pattern caught 3 more that culled.   Finished with 14.80 second in club. 
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    *T* got a reaction from Quillback in Cape Fair tomorrow?   
    Big wind has stirred up fish. Tuesday had good jerkbait bite up James almost up to Cape Fair. Some swimbait bite on pea gravel. All in the wind, point and cuts. After big wind Tuesday, Wednesday bite finally picked up near Aunts Creek area, mostly jerkbait on channel swings, bluff end and points. Only 3 hours 13 good ones up to 17” spots, 1 lm, 1 meanmouth. Some big spots. All on the stop. 5-10 seconds. It’s happening. What you’ve been waiting for. Thanks to Babler for the heads-up. Wind was bad posterior. Be careful. Wish I had a few more days there. Bull Shoals next up. 
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    *T* reacted to Macsimus in Big M area, March 2   
    Forced as I am to live far too close to the concrete jungle due to nearby grandchildren, I love those southern MO and northern AR two lane roads. Of course, with almost two years of retirement under my belt, I'm not quite in the same hurry as I used to be. My apologies to the locals stuck behind the old guy with the boat lollygagging down the road enjoying the scenery. 😁 
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    *T* reacted to rps in Shallow up the creek   
    Great fish!
    Right after I took my fourth hook, I bit the bullet and bought a Boga grip. I hooked it to a lanyard with a pool noodle section. I combined the Boga with a good pair of locking forceps. I have avoided any more personal hookups.
    BTW, the pool noodle has already saved me the loss of the Boga. I wasn't paying attention and a fish flopped while I was getting my phone for a picture. The fish and the Boga went over the side. I got my floating Boga and the fish back.
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    *T* reacted to Quillback in Big M area Feb 26   
    Launched at 10 AM today, there was some light rain in Bella Vista early so I decided to wait it out, but it didn't make much difference as it was drizzly and cold at the lake when I got there.  Air temp 39, water temp 40 but not much wind.
    Fishing was kind of funny today, lots of blank time with short bursts of some fish on every cast.  When I found them, they were schooled up.  Put 20 in the boat with 9 being keepers, couple of 17" spots were the biggest.  
    Best spots were near the mouth of a couple of coves around sparse timber, fish were in that 15-25 foot range.  Even split on fish caught on 1/8 oz ned rigs and 2.8 Keitechs on 3/16 oz heads.  Slow drag on the bottom.
    I'm not seeing any shad kill on the upper end and not seeing many live ones either.  Not seeing any suspended bass either, the few I see on sonar are on the bottom.
    Didn't see any ice anywhere.
    Quite a few boats out, buddy of mine said he heard there are some tourneys this weekend.

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    *T* reacted to ness in Knee Replacement   
    Can you tell which is original and which is aftermarket?

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    *T* reacted to Champ188 in Anybody out there practicing for next Saturday's FLW?   
    We have a TV in our exercise room. Sure helps pass the time on that stationary bike! 
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    *T* reacted to Sprint21fter in Jerkbait fishing   
    Finally got some water temps below 44, heck with A-Rig s.  Had to fish slow slow and slower! Caught 8. Wt: 42. 

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    *T* reacted to magicwormman in Cape Fair 1/26/21   
    Thank You for buying a couple of my GLoomis rods! Now, when they put me in the ground I won't have to worry that my wife will sell them for what I told her I paid for them!
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    *T* reacted to abkeenan in KC   
    Who told you that?
    The first rule of my platinum membership is that we don't talk about the platinum membership. 
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    *T* reacted to merc1997 Bo in last two days   
    been out the last two days doing some snooping.  yesterday was a 20" walter and 3 keeper lmg.  5 or 6 shorts.  that kind of zeroed me in a bit, and i fine tuned that today.  10 keeps, one lmg over 6 and a 5lb.+ walter.  several shorts.  kind of bo-garted onto a spot they were piled up on.  sometimes many years of fishing will help you kind of know a small spot that needs to be sampled.  was fishing crystal clear water with hi-vis yellow braid tied straight to the lure.  most bites were at dead rest.  bites were 10 to 15ft.  these bass are really nearly asleep, and you just have to have the patience to keep lure in a spot for a while.
    i see way too many folks that do not their lure with enough speed in the summer, and then turn around and fish way too fast in the winter.  sure, there are always exceptions to the rule, but not often.
    i did catch both picture fish.  taylor wanted a pic of the walter so he photoed himself.

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    *T* reacted to Gumboot in Covid Vaccine not be administered   
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    *T* reacted to Mitch f in Covid Vaccine not be administered   
    Extremely tired of the whole thing. Wear my N95 mask when I’m out. When working in a factory, no one wears a mask but they have strict rules and follow protocol pretty closely. Covid is obviously not fake.
    I just can’t believe how we got into this situation in the first place. Why have a lab in Wuhan China? Why is is over there in the first place????? I don’t trust that country any farther than I can throw them. I know what they are capable of, my wife tells me horrible stories about the trustworthiness of the Chinese government. Our country is moving closer everyday to that kind of government control of speech and freedoms.
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    *T* reacted to vernon in Covid Vaccine not be administered   
    My niece is the nurse who works at KU but she's on loan to a hospital in Manhattan for January so I can't really get an update.  My sister in law who works at St. Luke's has primarily been working from home since she contracted Covid.
    I haven't spoken to my cousin who also works at KU so I shall defer to you.
    Nonetheless, my point remains that no one can accept at face value what the corporate or main stream media tells them to be factual and a person absolutely must do their due diligence if they expect to be informed in any meaningful manner. 
    The level of propaganda dispensed in this country these days is exceeded in disgrace only by the outright fabrications and lies.
    And the internet might be even worse if that's even possible.
    To anyone that depends on corporate owned media for "facts" and information I'm sorry but I can't relate or have an objective conversation with you.
    The days of Walter Cronkite and the evening news are and have been long gone for quite some time.
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    *T* reacted to skeeter in Covid Vaccine not be administered   
    I'm certainly no expert but it seems common sense that a large part of the reason for not vaccinating more people is the astounding requirement that the Pfizer mRNA COVID vaccine has to be kept at 90 degrees below zero Fahrenheit to remain effective.   When Pfizer first announced the vaccine success, the highly-respected non-profit, academic medical center "Mayo Clinic" immediately announced that even they had no refrigerated facilities that could maintain that incredibly low temperature.  That has obviously been since rectified but not everywhere else !  
    By the way, Thank You President Trump for the "Warp Speed" vaccine program you initiated and thank you for getting major manufacturing Companies to agree to divert their production facilities to making the life-saving Ventilators that were in such short supply.  
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    *T* got a reaction from Quillback in 12-31-20. Big Cedar area report   
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