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  1. The Falcon Expert 7' "finesse jig" spinning rod might be the worst stick I've ever dropped $$ on. Actually painful to fish. Bought one in 2020 at HLS as a replacement during our trip. Huge mistake. Every other Falcon I've owned was fishable...maybe not my favorite, but a good functional rod. That one is a strange critter.
  2. Reminded of the scene from Tommy Boy. Something about a dump in a box, but with a guarantee on it.
  3. I clean my Ranger about once every seven or eight years, so I'm the wrong one to ask. Our tin boat just gets threatened with the shop vac on occasion, but it's a beater.
  4. Like the new boat T. Very functional ride.
  5. Needed this thread right now. If it ever stops raining the tinny is getting some add ons. Good info.
  6. The May full moon is still about 10 days off, too.
  7. I never look for them. Not much good at that anyway. I base it on how they look, where they're set up, and to some extent what they are doing, although that can fool you. Our brown fish generally look like they were dragged behind a truck when they get good and done. Just didn't see it. Started catching some that had a stripped look the day of the Water Patrol derby, but still not roughed up. And was still catching fish that pretty clearly hadn't been near the beds, on the same places. Some of the last fish to see the inside of the barge, on Monday...kind of that mix. And non
  8. Looked like the fish that had come in were all broken up to me. A piecemeal spawn. And I'm with you Bo, it just never seemed like big numbers were up yet. Guess it's possible they won't come in, and they'll dump or reabsorb the eggs.
  9. He's getting a one man band together.
  10. I think you'd love Lewis and Clark Lake in South Dakota. Lots of smallmouth. We'll chip in.
  11. Saw the detour signs last night going up for pizza, and a story on the news. That's a genuine pickle.
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