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  1. I have thoughts on walleye. Not popular ones 😉.
  2. Yep. My Excursion blue books 10k higher than it did 3 years ago, and might sell higher, from what I've seen. It's nuts.
  3. Hazbin, that's a great idea anyway, for folks who would like to do something, especially from a distance. Appreciate getting the information.
  4. Or a big swing head or tube, if they don't want the bulk. Days of winding something like mad are pretty limited for me.
  5. Like this idea, even if it's not an on the water event. Lot of options.
  6. That's a good man gone. Prayers for his family from ours.
  7. Prayers on the way. May God keep you in His mighty hands throughout this.
  8. He sounds like several guys from our area.
  9. That's what I was afraid of. Appreciate it, though.
  10. Will your old Tour just pop into the new Tour bracket without switching mounts? I've been holding off on putting the new Tour on because no one seems to be able to answer that, including TM repair folks.
  11. My old Tour 109 broke, so I bought an even older Tour 109 and slapped it on, and a brand new Tour...but with zero bells and whistles.
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