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  1. Well, shoot. What a year. Prayers for all of those who loved him.
  2. It's sure not a plus, other than they were still swimming in the lake instead of grease to be caught again.
  3. That, and we had more wood cover. Think fish just set up differently, were more aggressive.
  4. Think the Chicken Derby was in town this week/weekend. It's always a zoo. Good folks, just a lot of them.
  5. Not the most obvious cross, but it does look like its mama might have had some secrets.
  6. Have you tried the big Bull Shad wake bait? It's fun. It's huge, but it's fun.
  7. Nice work. What sort of temps did you see?
  8. Zero chance I'm crawling in the rod box on the Ranger to check. I don't want to know 😂
  9. What in the world? They had to install it somehow.
  10. Fish like rain. Especially cold sting-ing rain.
  11. "grind" Easily my least favorite word used to describe fishing, even when it fits. Pull your hood up, pull it tight, put your head down and "grind" at them in silence.
  12. Gosh, I remember seeing that boat when it was brand new- when you had it up at Beck's place. Time flies.
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