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  1. I've fished that lock and dam many times. When the water was right, motor up to the south side of the lock and tie up in that big eddy about sunset. Drink a couple of beers and let everything settle down and then start with the rattletraps. Did OK now and then, not always which is fishing. When it's on, it's a heck of a good spot. Walleye can be caught there too, but not as consistent as the wipers.
  2. Everyone with math skills knows that. But I got a hickey myself in the anvil milling thread so let's call it even, what say?
  3. Happy birthday. Don't forget to go to the office for some encouraging words. .
  4. You remind me of the guy who asked what the special was at the diner. "Tongue sandwich" said the waitress. Guy says "eewww, I could never eat something that came out of a cows mouth. Give me a couple of eggs".
  5. We're going over to some friends for dinner tonight. I'm supplying the mushrooms. Going to deep fry some. In a piece of vintage cast iron that I got off some guy I know.🙂 Sauteed a few this morning in butter to go with scrambled eggs. Been so long since I had oyster shelfs I'd forgotten how good they really are. There is a good reason they are on the cover of the MDC book "Missouri's Wild Mushrooms"
  6. I found these in my secret spot. Beside the road on my way home. 🎯 The takeaway is keep your eyes open, you never know what you might find. Could be Brian Laundrie or something...
  7. Terrierman

    Fresh Oysters

    Bingo! Thanks to some rain, these babies are prime.
  8. No politics. No more freebie warnings either.
  9. Tom T. Hall said it was faster horses, younger women, older whiskey and more money. Dummy left out meth.
  10. How did this country ever get built without meth anyway?
  11. Thanks. I'll really miss seeing everyone, it's always just a great time with so many fine people.
  12. One hundred thousandth of an inch. That's some precise analog.
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