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  1. Nuclear and Renewable both generate more power than coal fired.
  2. Coal fired generation is less than half of natural gas fired generation.
  3. Mainly to take wives to a fun in the sun place. Will do an inshore guide one day and if we can get our hands on some tackle, fish from shore, wade, pier, you name it. But it really is mainly for the women.😎 There is a tiki bar where we're staying but since you quit drinking that's of no interest to you.☚ī¸
  4. Leaving for Keys Tuesday morning.😎
  5. And here I read this whole post figuring you were going to tell us how you got shot once. ☚ī¸
  6. Sorry man. Old Forrest is just not for sale. I actually use it here and besides, If you got it, I wouldn't be able to gig you anymore about my cool mower. We'll see about the fishing trip - we've got a lot of travel and other things already on the books for spring and summer. But I'd like to do that. And about the liquor - I've forgiven that debt with no hard feelings whatsoever. And plus all that, I just put a new tube in one of the rear tires yesterday. No way am I wasting that effort.
  7. Hey Wrench - have I ever mentioned that old Forrest is the deluxe model with onboard beverage caddy?
  8. Try a 60 pound amberjack or 100 pound Tuna or a 300 pound shark. I want to have a few beers and watch somebody else reel for a while after any of those. And when it comes to saltwater fish, none of those are really big, just what I've had the joy to deal with.
  9. Idiot does not cover what it takes to shoot a person instead of a turkey's head. GMAFB. Put that SOB in jail from now on.
  10. They have this other totally new thing called a leash that can solve the problem with Dog that feels he needs to protect the place.
  11. They have this totally new thing that you probably have not have heard of there in the backwoods where you and your wife and your son all live, but they call it delivery.
  12. Dave it's so good to see you back down here and reporting again. I don't know about anybody else but I missed you.
  13. I prefer 120 volt saws - circular and saws most. 3/8" drill cordless is fine. 1/2" hammer drill 120 volt ten times out of ten. Porter Cable, Makita, Hitachi and Bosch are brands I've had good experience with and they're still out in the shop. The Hitachi cordless drill has to be 20+, has been dropped off the ladder and the handle repaired with duct tape to get the batteries to stay plugged in and still works great. Had the batteries rebuilt maybe 10 years ago at batteries plus and they're as good as new. Two brands I used to own a lot of when we were working are DeWalt and Milwaukee.
  14. And man did the wind ever blow! Limbs down everywhere here. And it rained a lot. But it appears I need to replace battery in the rain gauge. It says 0 in last 24 hours. Not the batteries. Hole that allows collected rain to flow into the measuring part was plugged up. Fixed now.
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