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  1. Not to be a smart posterior or anything but youtube will have a video of how to do almost anything to almost anything. Next time before you tear into anything, check to see how to do it. Can't tell you how really valuable that resource is for anyone who wants to DIY something new.
  2. It's a beverage caddy. And beer is a beverage. Water is just something to keep from dying of thirst in the desert.
  3. I think mine needs a transmission rebuild. It can be a little reluctant to get going. Gonna see what Jeff Bezos can do for me. I'm a mechanic now. Put a new water pump impeller in my 9.9 Yamaha just the other day. Jeff Bezos and youtube are pretty good resources. No worries wrenchy, the yamahammer is a 2 stroke.
  4. I learned a long time ago why that grass is greener on the other side of the fence. It's all the B.S. over there.
  5. Wrench knows his rights too! That's hilarious.
  6. Pride of ownership. Those old Snappers are the 1957 Chevy Bel Air of riding mowers. Plus I like to mow my lawn. Looks like Augusta National when I'm done. Why would I ever want someone else to have the pleasure?
  7. Veery nice. Deluxe model with beverage caddy. Is it the 14.5 HP cast iron sleeve I/C Briggs? What are you going to name it? Remember, Forrest is already taken.😎 Why, here's old Forrest right now.... Enjoy your new find.🎯 ]
  8. Terrierman

    What's Cooking?

    Those look really good. I prefer thighs too or leg quarters. Way better and a lot less expensive than wings;
  9. Terrierman

    What's Cooking?

    It's another summer veggie supper tonight. Green beans and new potatoes. Sweet corn. Sliced tomatoes. Not totally vegan as there is always bacon with the green beans and potatoes. And for dessert, a really good watermelon.
  10. Can you close the box with reels mounted? That's a great idea!
  11. Jigfest is another. OAF gets the credit for being the catalyst.
  12. I had a trunking phone before the days of bag phones. Basically a radio that connected to a land line at the office. Service area was line of sight from the antenna at our office. Still very very helpful. Cell service was spotty to non-existent in rural Missouri for a long time after it was good in the cities.
  13. I've been an outdoorsman mostly in SWMO all my life. I've seen exactly one rattlesnake (a pygmy) and one cottonmouth in my 69 years. The rattlesnake was in the gravel near my office in Stonebridge in Stone County. I saved that little snake's life. There was a lynching party forming but they got overruled. The cottonmouth was at Sam A. Baker State Park. A long time ago. I was collecting a water sample standing on a rock at the edge of Big Creek. Noticed the snake on the rock next to me. It was about the size and shape of my arm, head up with a mouth that looked about four inches wide that was fully open with fangs that had to be close to an inch long plainly showing. I gave him the creek. Back then, SE MO was supposed to be the northern extent of Cottonmouth range. I hear a lot of reports now much closer to home from people that don't seem all that freaky about snakes. So I buy they're here now. Climate change likely is related to expanding territory for them.
  14. I ordered 150 rounds of .38 special and 100 rounds of .357 magnum yesterday. First time I've seen a decent selection in stock for quite a while. It was high, but nothing like what I've seen. Worst I personally saw was $50 for a box of 20 9mm FMJ Blazer. Now that's a ripoff.
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