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  1. This news is very hard to take! Bo and I fished alot at night fishing together, not counting the long phone calls. I will miss him terribly! He was my friend and one hell of a fisherman. He did know Table Rock and If I knew half of what he did know I would be a better angler! He would call me and always say do you want to go chase some smallmouth. My prayers go out to his wife and family! Now Bo can chase them fish up in heaven! I will miss you Bo! Dan
  2. Bo you are in our prayers! Get wll my friend!
  3. I have a 04 Triton TR 186 and I took my graph out of the bow. So any ideas where to get a good cover for the hole?
  4. Wheeler came flying in on me over near point 6 and I was fishing a gravel point and catching some nice SM. He waved but came in at half throttle 12 feet from my boat! I did not wave back and I did not wave back with my finger!
  5. It was hard to give up my MK Maximum, It was 17 years old and running good yet. The only thing it started to spend up if I had it set on 3 power then it would go back to 3. I checked with Marine Repair and they told me 200 to fix it. I will miss the old girl but in love with spot lock!
  6. Had my Force put on yesterday by Marine Repair Center in Springfeild. Great guys, and the did a great job! With all this darn rain I could not get it wet to calibrate it. But I must say I am blown away with the quality of the Force and it does things I didn’t even know it did! Wow!
  7. I am about to pull the trigger on a Force. So any Force owners have any in put good or bad?
  8. Has anyone fished this K 9 brand of lines? Pro’s and Con’s?
  9. Has anyone fished this line? Pros and cons?
  10. I don’t think so! They where good people. They took good care of me.
  11. I have a MK Maximum so does anyone know if the Force would d match up to the Maximum? Thanks
  12. I was sponsored by them back in the day. So I have a few bags for sale-$2:50 a bag. Pm me for colors and size.
  13. Sorry my fault. Yes I was asking about the Trolling motor.
  14. I have been thinking about pulling the trigger on the Force! Can any Force owners give me any pros or cons?
  15. Any Force owners ? I am thinking of buying one and would like pros and cons?
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