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  1. Has anyone fished this K 9 brand of lines? Pro’s and Con’s?
  2. Has anyone fished this line? Pros and cons?
  3. I don’t think so! They where good people. They took good care of me.
  4. I have a MK Maximum so does anyone know if the Force would d match up to the Maximum? Thanks
  5. I was sponsored by them back in the day. So I have a few bags for sale-$2:50 a bag. Pm me for colors and size.
  6. Sorry my fault. Yes I was asking about the Trolling motor.
  7. I have been thinking about pulling the trigger on the Force! Can any Force owners give me any pros or cons?
  8. Any Force owners ? I am thinking of buying one and would like pros and cons?
  9. Tim is a class act. Back in early 90’s I had fished with him and I can say the best guide I fished with!!!
  10. There is some good fishing at night. From 7 or 8 pm to about 2 am! The bass will follow the shad so when you find the shad you should be catching. I have been out at night for the last 4 or 5 weeks now. And I am doing pretty good not great but some nice fish and you Will be out of the heat and sun and alot less crazy boaters! I have been doing well on points with gravel and some chunk rock have been better than just gravel. Jigs and T rigs and big worms have been the ticket. Give the night thing a chance you will like it at this time of year. Oh and for some reason that is out of my pay gr
  11. Is it that quiet? And how about top speed? They claim it is the fastest tm on the market!
  12. But it is not only boat traffic that is the problem! On a normal June it would be fine but with all the high water and lack of boat ramps , that is a bigger problem and not counting all the floating junk. I would think to be safe it would be better to cancel and do it in the fall. The safety of all the anglers is more important than trying to squeeze this tournament in! Just my 2 cents! I have fished it every year , but not in June and maybe in the fall in better conditions!
  13. Stillwater is real nice and I am sure they have opening ‘s! Stillwater resort on Indian point.
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