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  1. Had the chance to spend some time with Marlin Perkins wife a few years ago. she dold me stories about some of their adventures, don't think many of them were staged. Like getting their jeep rolled several times by a Rhino..with them in it. I'm sure some of it was.
  2. Putting my Lund up for sale. If interested PM me. 2018 1775 impact sport 115 Evinrude 80 lb Ultrex
  3. Ha, I didn't even look at the others. ☺️
  4. But their having a sale. Otterk.com. jointed baits. as usual not affiliated or anything. Certainly don't know the quality. Please delete if not allowed.
  5. glad I didn't hafta drag him out LOL
  6. aren't they protected?
  7. loons are closely related to penguins and albatross! amazing. who knew!
  8. If you have a Minnkota troller, read the battery part about lithium batteries. just a line or two, easy to miss.
  9. I just try to keep it simple since I'm pretty simple. I just looked for Batteries with the Ah rating stated. No need to convert. Most batteries i saw with just an rc rating were dual purpose starting and deep cycle. I didn't need that.
  10. yep. i went by the Ah rating and weight. also plenty of reviews from many different websites
  11. https://www.bargainshore.com/VMAX-MR137-120-12V-120Ah-AGM-Deep-Cycle-Hi-Performance-Battery_p_3541.html All Minnkota's manual said was min 105 Ah. thats all i know
  12. Shorepower.com. VMAX MR137-120 12V 120Ah AGM Deep Cycle $489.08 delivery was fast batteries are fresh. 75lbs each if anyone is looking.
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