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    Slid the boat in at mutton creek at approx 7:00am. The lake was slick calm with water temp hovering around 47. Started catching on the first stop with two nice keepers. For the first half of the day the bite was pretty solid. I caught six in an row off one little rocky transition, they were smashing the jerkbait . There really wasn’t a solid pattern that I found . Mostly just fishing transition banks , and whatever else looked fishy. Caught a total of 20 shorts and 8 keepers . One nice walleye. One bass was a solid 3.5 . All on the jerkbait. Certain colors were better than others today .Water temp was up to 50 degrees when I pulled out . Looks like the stickbait bite is here for winter ! Water clarity was about 3-4 ft . Got a little more stain up the river. 
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