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  1. Here's the deal... just when you think the walleye pre-spawn is about to peak, the whites show up and ruin it.
  2. I'd have never thought you could buy 'gator gar online, so I had to look. Yep. Average prices seem to run ~ $30 for 2-3", $80 for 6-7", & $200 for 9-10". There's an idea for supplemental retirement income...
  3. Like everyone else, my birthday is just one day a year, but I celebrate it at least once a week. Which reminds me of a story... Most every Saturday I go to my favorite Mexican restaurant and have what they call a "monster" margarita with my meal. The locals, mostly being the pious, self-righteous type, unintentionally entertain me with whispered comments about the size of my drink. If they work up the nerve to address me directly, I just say, "I'm celebrating my birthday", at which they are instantly relieved, profusely offer me Happy Birthdays, and everything's cool. Just shows you can celebrate your birthday any dam day you please.
  4. As opposed to what, The Swimming Wasp? The Jogging Wasp?
  5. Didn't realize it at the time, but it twisted me up pretty good for about a month. I worked thru it on a double all-nighter on Table Rock.
  6. No doubt. Makes you wonder if the green bass fans that whine about stripers ever actually caught one...
  7. And I thought it would be a great white snappin' a Sea Robin off his line.
  8. https://www.marketplace.org/2021/08/11/congestion-at-u-s-ports-means-theres-now-a-shortage-of-shipping-containers/
  9. bfishn


    My sentiments exactly.
  10. Now there's some chocolate and peanut butter just begging to be combined... Sewer Salmon (or conversely) Turd Tarpon. Howzat for alliteration?
  11. Perhaps. I'm a "burn me once" guy that never gave 'em a second chance. Considering the individual that handed me a plate of (what he said were) fried grass carp couldn't be trusted to state his name, you may be right. Then again you like goose...
  12. That's the only way. No historical records of yellers in the White above Batesville. Kinda like the perch in BS, except that I like perch... Added My best guess is bait dumps from striper fishermen that catch their shad in the AR River. I might have even been guilty of that back in the 80s-90s. I know I occasionaly found 4-6" yellow bass in my shad hauls, but I discarded all I found asap, waste of oxygen/space.
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