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  1. Oh, they do, they're just fewer and further between. Back 30-35 years ago you'd rarely catch one under 10-12lb. Lots of smaller ones now imply lots of bigger ones in the future.
  2. Yeah, I didn't mean a real spoonplug of course, but I knew you'd understand. 🙂
  3. Tie on a Spoonplug and power troll. Sooner or later you'll find some locational patterns, then you can work 'em over. Best way to whip new water.
  4. The wild ones behind my house were blooming like crazy the last week. If I continue to let the woods reclaim my yard, I'll be able to pick from my driveway in a couple years.
  5. Oh, they're there alright, those 3 liquor stores at the line don't make their living off of Bentonville & Jane. Most of them are functional drunks, so driving is no big whoop. You won't see them getting pulled over either.
  6. By that logic, if you wear a diaper on your head, does it become a turban? 😉
  7. The electrical requirements of todays' fishing boats have finally made us take another look at traditional layout and wiring. That's a good thing, 'cause we needed it. One thing I've not seen discussed is the 'common grounding' of multiple and independent power sources. That means the ground of a 24-36V system is connected with the -12V, not every battery. This isn't hull grounding, just a #14 connecting the proper battery grounds. The purpose is to equalize the various systems' ground potential in relation to the real ground of your big motor in the water. It solves a host of interference is
  8. I didn't know of either till now, beautiful fish. Good luck!
  9. Now there's a blast from the past... I haven't been there since a school field trip in the mid-'60s. MDC has some info on it, with a mention of bank access; https://fishing.mdc.mo.gov/reports/forest-lake-thousand-hills-state-park Long Branch Lake at Macon might be a better option, with bank access to the entire dam and a bit on either end too. I caught a couple of night 'eyes there from the rip rap at the east end once, but that's been a few years ago too.
  10. None of them were just tryin' to get by, being quiet and shy. I favored Jerry McKinnis and his "Fishin' Hole".
  11. I resemble that remark... The 5 gallon bucket may have been one of the most consequential inventions of man.
  12. Most petro products have stockpiles in their chains good for 4-5 days of interruptions from any direction. In this case it wasn't near enough. Once you're behind it takes extra effort for less profit to recover. And recovery supply is just what it used to be if you're lucky, so increased demand for any reason ain't gonna happen till somebody throws more money at it. Our PVC pipe & fittings from TX. have seen two 10% price bumps in 60 days, but at least they're available.
  13. Think I'm gonna wait till they release their sharks with frickin' laser beams...
  14. ...The leather exterior also does not get colder in the water like traditional ABS plastic, which ensures the bait has a warmer body temperature and a similar texture to a living baitfish... For that kind of money you'd think they could at least hire an ad writer with a basic grasp of physics and warm/cold-blooded creatures.
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