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  1. Try White's marine at Pittsburg on Pommie Try White's marine Pittsburg on Pomme
  2. Ketchup tired to call last night
  3. I have a pole It came on my boat but I never used in also have a ranger rear seat that I never used I live near Rogersville.
  4. Can you pun a boat in at K Dock.Thanks
  5. They were launching there this morning. I launched at cedar ridge and seen at least one boat launch at masters;
  6. I too would like to see the crappie moved too 11ins. or even 12ins. Only 1 smallie 18.ins ky 12in and Largemouth left alone.
  7. Not stockton 15lb. kings river 1969 crankbait bass fishing. 8lbs stockton crappie jig 8lbs bull shoals plastic worm bass fishing
  8. I have ate a lot of striper and they are one of my favorite fish but don;t like whites to me they taste nothing alike.
  9. I don't like whites but like striper a lot, but you still have to cut the red off.
  10. It is hard to put on at bever
  11. J.M.


    I put two of the tiny minnows on sometime;
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