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  1. I really want to say “Thank You” to Dutch publicly for the great donation of lures that he handed over to the local High school fishing team. It was very generous and very much appreciated!! There will be lots of kids that will benefit from your generosity. Thanks again.
  2. That is for sure a great day. Congrats!! The jerk bait is what is working for me too.
  3. That’s very much appreciated. I am in the Springfield area almost daily.
  4. Sorry to hear about your buddy. No worries about the lures.
  5. Are you wanting to sell or donate it? I have a friend that is part of a high school fishing team that I am sure the kids would like to divide up if possible.
  6. Heck - I would even come get’em !!😀😃
  7. Sell them - or send them to Cheesemaster!!!
  8. Great looking smallmouth!! Definitely a good number day. Did you notice what the water temp was? Curious to see if this big cold front drops it more than a degree Or two.... pushes the girls back at all....
  9. Congrats on a good day of jerk bait fishing!! How did your weights end up in your tournament?
  10. Yep. And you know which one I throw too. I am going to hit the top water lures next time out.!! Of course I will start with the jerker first.
  11. 32 fish is a pretty good day for sure. I like to hear that you got one on a buzz bait. Hard to beat the buzz bite!
  12. I could really get use to this fishing thing on a daily basis. Too bad vacation time runs out. Same story as yesterday- jerk bait - jerk bait - jerk bait. They keep eating it so I keep throwing it. Had some nice keepers this morning. If I get a chance I will go back out this afternoon- but the wife has chores for me first. Here are 3 of the 5 keepers. The other 2 were just 15”. Is that little fish I am holding a mean mouth?
  13. Well done. I hope the wife heals up soon.
  14. It sure does!! That’s about all I throw from January to May. With some top water starting very soon.
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