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  1. Interesting situation. I'd like to hear the responses on this. Obviously posting boundaries and painting only goes so far. I often see no trespassing publications in the legal sections of the local paper. I dont know why some go the extra mile but I'm sure there's a reason, maybe someone can explain this part.
  2. Well used Mathews Helim. 28.5 draw cam with 70# limbs. new strings summer 2019. Used that season but sat in a case all last season. Focus grip is on bow but included is the original mathews wood grip and a few other black damper accessories. Mathews 5 arrow quiver included. PM me if interested in more pics. $500
  3. so is this a state record bull elk? how big you think he goes?
  4. thanks for the responses guys. i'll find a different option.
  5. Title states it. I've never floated this stretch. Is this boat too much, will it drag everywhere? Looking at going around first of Oct. I've got a 2.5hp motor or a trolling motor id take as well. short float, just looking to stop and fish. Also, hows the takeout at Turner?
  6. taking the family to Breckenridge in 2 weeks. we'll be there from the 15-22. My son (he's 6) and wife fly fish and we'll be looking for some action while we're out there. Any suggestions for a lake to hike to and fish or maybe a feeder creek to hit up? Its been a long time since ive been out there but i recall fishing the blue, arkansas, miracle mile, and a few others but i really dont remember exactly where and from what i remember it was prob more technical than what my 6 yo can do. His goal is the catch a cutthroat. I'm thinking he may have more success fishing a mtn lake vs somethin
  7. Anyone been to the steel bridge lately? im curious if you the water has gone down enough to launch a boat there.
  8. nice work. you get the bird this morning?
  9. good report bwcballer10. nice to see things pick up in the end and knock the skunk off.
  10. Ive got a 94 Evinrude VE70TLETS. Its been running fine this spring until yesterday. Just this weekend we had fished all saturday and all sunday with no issues, until heading back to ramp. start it up to head back to ramp and its cutting out as im throttling to go, like a fuel issue. it continues to cut out the whole way back. at the courtesy dock it will rev high RPM in neutral but when its in gear it wants to die. as im putting boat on the trailer it would die out as im throttling to get it loaded all the way up. ended up having the crank the boat on the trailer. fuel is new. fu
  11. hey more than one solution to a problem, who'da thunk it. guess it depends on what the goals of the solution are.
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