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  1. Well I been away awhile and not fishing much in spite of permission to fish a 40+ acre private lake. No house yet in Washington. Having been a friend Wrench for many years. There is one thingI know he fears most thats the Queen. Something about the women it that family. When his oldest daughter was about 6yrs old she could tell you to get out of her site before she would have to kill you Amazing the thing should relate through her eyes alone
  2. I Will be there Glenn if I can if I am still living and here are living in Washington Mo. But really do not think we will be gone by then. House is not be listed till mid next month. But the Realtor does expect it to go very fast. Said it was a premium house for a small house this size She wants to list it for over 300K
  3. Since i see were on the subject of Family history Mine is short in this country My grandfather was a Jew nd my grandmother a roman catholic left Germany before WW! so there is not much American history to me other than my Aunt ran a speak easy in Il iduring the probition with product partly furnished by her 15 yr old brother(my father) bootlegger. Now my wife family has a history going back to the very early 1800s. Her great something grandfather Was instrumental in bringing the Baptist church to central Missouri. I have researched the this and form those studies the this is what I piec
  4. I am the the oldest of two families Patricio of two failures if that is spelled right. Do not care to to gather with then. It will just be a airing of how great they all are and mostly bull so Ido not care. nd you mr wrench better not miss that graduation this year graduations this spring . That girl deserves every bit of your pride and praise
  5. Your partly right about that wrench. They are very concerned about kissing the butts of the folks with money. They are not alone. The government goes easy on the big boaters and the party bunch. Going so far as to sacrifice safety through the water patrol. Like I posted I watch4 patrol boat sit at the mouth of Mill Creek for a few hours and never stopped a big boat mattervof fact they didc not stop much except a coupler pontoons and fishing boats. After sitting out their they all got together and went up to Bare Foot Bar for at least a hour. THAT kind of stuff is why I am leaving LOZ. I should
  6. Well it might just be. everywhere. Depends o snow and rain. Thing I do not think you understand is levels in the lake depend on a few thousand miles of lakes and rivers all the way down to New Orleans. Some years back LOZ was high and they dropped a lot of it out about 3 days later It hit St charles. They were just getting high water under control from a historic flooding of flooding along the Missouri and Mississippi. The new additional bulge of water caused extreme flooding and financial damage to the St Charles area. So you see there Their are millions of people all the way to New Orleans
  7. Wrench anyone needs to watch the charges from hospital Bills Pat catches them over and over. They all do it. Insurance companies will do it also. It is the way they get unpaid bills paid for.
  8. I do not know how you get into all these predicaments It amazes me all the problems you got.
  9. WEll if I find something I hope I can fish it.
  10. I am moving in that direction in that area. After I sell my place here on LOZ. age and 51 bad verterbra in my neck dictate that I do. I have been exploring the whole area with Google Earth.. have seen many pond and small waters from that. if there is anyone on here wants to share any information about the fishing in the area it will save me a lot of driving around exploring. PLease Msg me since Giving tips in here is like a blaring headline in the news. I will exchange info was th you ( if I am able to fish) after I get mohel to the area
  11. These people in these fishing shows know hooks, when were and how house them. Plus the value of sharp ones. To me that does not mean the most expensive. Another thing about these great big long rods they all seem to be using ,transmit a lot of hook set force without any big effort. . Think one of those rods would make the whole casting experience a lot easier. If I was still able to fish I would love to have one of those 8-9 foot things except for my drop shot fishing. For that I want nothing other than a 6ft medium action ugly stick. I think the longer rod would get in any way for me fo
  12. True Mitch They should be voted in not set up for life. If they cannot follow the rule of Law and not only for one party or the other that will get you a dictator. We are well down that road already. Would love it if all Judges would be required to drop any party allegiance. I see you put up a pic of Hilary. Ever since that thing happened in Benghazi. I have really wondered who was really to blame. You Know I spent 36 years in that place on page I think. I was buried in all sorts of military records and history. I have seen it all. I was no Hilary fan, but, From my experience I think I have a
  13. I would love to go with you and Mitch down there and fish for a couple days. Cannot do it anymore. I drove I and Pat to Versailles a couple days ago. He's had to take over to park the car and the rest of the driving for that trip. Going to try to come up and wish you all a happy new year Wrench. We will see. Most of my driving is no father then Laurie.
  14. In our world today we certainly can influence others by our actions. We as well as many other counties spend a lot of time running around stepping on other countries toes and justifying it to their nation. We are lead around like a heard of cattle Thereby forming national attitudes and opinions we known nothing about. The recent behavior of the republicans in the house of representatives. Was to me embarressing as a American. I spent time in the Navy on a old rust bucket it was a living example of what you see or hear may not be what is. The Navy nick named it the' Galloping ghost'
  15. I read this whole thread. Let me tell you do not understand anyone till you walk a mile in their shoes. As to being equal. Well I have been lived on both sides of discrimination. I have been guilty of if and suffered under it as well. Seems to me like it is jealousy and wanting everything for self rather than a fault in the people themselves. As to religion. There are real just a few types. Those that do not read the bible. Those who do and take literally word for word. Those who go to church every Sunday and cheat and undermine others till next Sunday. I could never describe people like tha
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