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  1. Have done so many times...there are variables like wind, trolling speed, and what other features are operating(autopilot, speed control, etc.) with wind being the largest variable. If you are set up correctly you can troll for a long time, quite a bit longer than 2 hours. If you intend to troll using the electric motor it pays to run the largest AGM batteries you can fit(I run 31s). If it is too rough or windy I troll using a 9.9 hp kicker motor and only use the electric for added boat control, but in a good wind I’m usually casting. Mike
  2. Interesting. Sheeting looks to be about 30% heavier than marine plywood but if you won’t be covering with carpeting, etc. it will balance out to some degree. I wonder if it has been used in this application commercially? Mike
  3. Are you saying them EPA types best not be digging around for samples in Gravois Mills....? Lots of better place to dig for sure. Mike
  4. Cool - I have seen the specs and a pre-production review; supposed to be a first to market large scale supplier. If I had your hourly rate I’d buy me one.....😂 Mike
  5. I have drawn there and Ryan is correct; I alway set up where I knew the deer would get pushed and never expect a hunter for that reason ( and always saw many...usually least more than humans), but the big deer out there are pretty cagey and are tough to take. I quit applying due to 1) the knucklehead factor, and 2) I have more peaceful places to watch the sun rise or set. Mike
  6. Without a doubt. I quit 18 years ago after smoking heavily for 28 years - toughest, and without a doubt BEST, thing I’ve ever done for myself. And my family. The first couple months was like being wired all the time due to actual unrestricted blood flow in my body....that eventually settles out and I can do things now I never could or would before. Mike
  7. I would throw that in a heartbeat - looks like a winner to me! Mike
  8. I like white or translucent with purple and or chartreuse accents - given those choices I’d try alewife. Mike
  9. Look like Hellbenders to me. Mike
  10. I think some cattle operations have made that decisions he now cultivate. Have heard nothing negative about it. Mike
  11. I don’t know of anything that will kill it once established but glyphosphate. I tried multiple selective killers on my lawn, and finally I killed it with glyphosphate and reseeded, heavily. I apply 2-4-D early in the year and overseed shortly thereafter to keep it from getting an opportunity, and apply 2-4-D again late in the year to keep the rif raf out. Seems to work OK, so far so good. Mike
  12. The females are normally suspended in the middle of the spawning coves at half depth right now( i.e. 20’ in 40fow) and you can crank them up with bright colored bandits, warts, flicker minnows and the like. As earlier stated they move in late in the day and back out when sun come up. I will be doing my own research this weekend, but that pattern is normally solid from early April into June. Mike
  13. No question home grown is better, no contest. Can my own in glass and you can’t find that quality in any store I’m aware of - or if you can someone did it just like me and it will cost you an arm and a leg. I have simplified over the years, but don’t intent to stop as long as I’m still physically capable. Mike
  14. Agree with Dutch. Could be the card is not formatted appropriately or your downloaded update is incomplete. You might try formatting the card and downloading the update again....card has to be in place when you power up the unit to boot. Mike
  15. Nicely done. The jerk bait now has a grip on you. Mike
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