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  1. I have written permission for the 190 acres I hunt in St. Louis County. To your point, would never consider suing. Mike
  2. I agree Dan! There is a spoon for every occasion….most of the fish I caught on this outing were on a 5” Lake Fork but I was mixing it up with a 1oz Binks. You just have to figure out what they are in the mood for. Walleye have been hit and miss, mostly miss, but I will keep working at it. Mike
  3. Got out for a few hours after lunch today and fish were not hard to find with the water they are moving from Truman - getting them to bite was another story. Had to work at it but had 3 hybrids(lost a 10# ish trying to get it in the net), two real nice LM, a big blue cat and a 13” crappie that smashed a 5” flutter spoon. Fish were deeper(40 FOW) and chasing gizzards all the way up to the surface at times; all bites reaction strikes 🔥 the spoon as fast as I could turn a 6.6:1 reel handle. Pics of the best 2; the 3 hybrids made the ride home. Mike
  4. In my younger days we did some snake collecting as well through school and most don’t bother me, I actually had a pretty good live collection growing up. The exception are the large water moccasins….they are very strong and not real friendly. Drove the levees at Mingo to collect them a time or two using rebar pinning rods and gunny sacks(we were primitive back then) - I was never sure just exactly who had who until the collecting bag was tied off - and those memories are enough for me and I keep my distance these days. The benefits of age. Mike
  5. Bummer. Prayers for his family. Mike
  6. I gladly forked over my $10 for the chance, and it makes me smile. I will continue as long as I’m capable physically to stalk and pack out a bull. Been paying more for years to CO for preference points and tags….I just love me some elk, as food as well as the challenging aspects of prepping for and executing a hunt. May never draw in MO, but I will continue try. Mike
  7. Finally got an opportunity to spend a few days on the lower end of LOZ for a family vacation. Most time has been with the grandkids, but I have been sneaking out from time to time in search of walleye or stripers….and mainly catching crappie who are roaming with the huge schools of fry and about the only fish(except catfish) spending any time relating to structure that I can find. I did finally locate a school of feeding LM and a few hybrids at midday yesterday and had a ball for about an hour hooking up on most casts. Caught blue cat, hybrids, and a handful of nice LM in addition to many more lost before I could bring them to hand. These fish came from 35 FOW horizontal jogging a 1/2oz Bink’s spoon….I tried other offerings and they only wanted a bait that size and color(white/chart). Attached are a few pics of fish, I didn’t take many as I was having too much fun. Unfortunately, the flotilla will arrive with clearing skies and midday fishing forays will be done for the week after today. Mike
  8. I have the same style in woodland … I like them! Mike
  9. So sorry Oneshot. Prayers for your family. Mike
  10. I’m not a fan of cheating anywhere. Most urban lakes are desolate wastelands until trout are stocked because every single fish is kept, including bluegill less than 3 inches long. The parks would not fare much better without stockings to be sure..and are too crowded for my tastes, for that reason alone I spend more time fishing outside the parks than inside but I do like their facilities. I rarely keep trout anyway, but I love to catch them…especially browns. As mentioned earlier AFGC has it all over MDC in this regard. Mike
  11. If you think urban fisherman adhere to the regs, you are confused. They most certainly do not in my area(St. Louis) “ There is a season??? Catch and release - I never knew that? There is a limit?? I need a license??” Of course you never actually hear those exchanges, because there in no enforcement. Most folks on here respect, and protect, our fisheries.
  12. I use 8# or 10# Abrazx or Red Label on almost all my casting setups including leaders for braid; I use a heavier 14 or 17# Vanish for trolling leaders and have never had an issue. I tend to be light on the drag though I think compared to most folks because a big striper or hybrid will break you off right now if you are heavy handed. I’ve got lots of other ways I can lose fish though...😉. Mike
  13. Agree with SIO3. One thing I’ve encountered with the President, try not to completely submerge them to the extend you get water in the gear case..they do not respond well to that. That is the only issue I have encountered with them and I have several as well. If that should happen, a complete disassembly, degrease, and relube will get you back on track. Mike
  14. Sour grapes. He hasn’t done too well in the five fish format recently and I’m not surprised he wanted to make a move -if he didn’t have big sponsorships and a tackle line he would have been broke a long time before MLF launched. He was fishing on reputation alone. That said, I’m confident he can smoke me in a 1v1 any day.... Mike
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