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  1. How far up the Big Piney can motorboats generally make it? I'm looking at doing an overnight float and want to avoid any sort of aluminum hatch as well as power boat traffic.
  2. If you're not taking a boat you can go out with one of the marina operators up there. They take you out on big boats that handle the waves and go after both walleye and smallies. Terry's Boat Harbor is a good place https://terrysboatharbor.com/ or Johnson's Portside is bait shop/general store right by the lake in Isle.
  3. This past weekend I made my first trip of the year down to the Little Niangua at the Fiery Fork access. The campground near the river has been one of my favorites in the area, specifically the one site directly overlooking the river. Apparently someone thought the campground needed to be reconfigured. The one site that overlooked the river is no more. They've cutoff the road that used to be the main loop and added several spurs extending up into the woods. The new sites look like the standard state park type, consisting of just a gravel pad; I assume fire rings and picnic tables are on the
  4. I made a trip out this weekend; I put in at Lead Mine CA and paddled upstream a ways. On the way back down, I found a camera near the big gravel bar just down from Mint Spring. It's a point-and-shoot type, silver Sony Cybershot. Water got in behind the display screen so I assume the camera is toast, but the SD card is fine. There are a handful of pictures on the card. Looks like someone had several successful trips worth of pictures with this camera. Let me know if it's yours.
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