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  1. Thanks Dutch, for your response. Really appreciate it. Ed
  2. I need help in regards to what everyone is using for the Hummingbird mapping chip. What seems to the best all around value for our Missouri lakes? Thanks for your help! Ed
  3. My brother and I spent the day on Pomme, Crappie fishing with Leonard Cutbirth, owner of Fishilante Guide Service. WHAT A SUPER GUY!!! When we started out he was very adamant that we were going after two limits of Crappie. By the end of the day that is exactly what we accomplished. (if you would like to see pictures please go to his Facebook page). Everything that we used or needed was at our disposal at all times and all of it was top of the line! If you are looking for a guide for a Crappie fishing adventure be it with another buddy or your wife and family, he is your guy! I can not say enough about him and his ability to make sure you have a GREAT time! Ed Burns
  4. Have a thousand rounds of 9MM ammo FMJ 115 grain new in boxes Winchester and Herter's. $80.00 per one hundred rounds. Call Ed with any questions @ 417-230-3819.
  5. I very much appreciate all who provided help on the Garmin Livescope System. Hopefully when I get everything put together I will be able to be of help to someone down the road. Thanks again members!
  6. Does anyone know the name and the phone number of a gentlemen who lives down Joe Bald Road that will help with the installation/set-up and on the water education. If so, please post or call me direct. Ed Burns 417-230-3819. Thanks in advance
  7. Just a note to all Ozark Anglers. If you want a great day of chasing Walleye you need to consider giving Ed a call at lmt-out 660-890-5262. Spent the day with Ed Monday and it was as good as it can possible get. Ed, myself and my brother Joe had a total of twelve keepers which is a three man limit. Also, we caught numerous short fish the entire six hour trip. Great equipment, great boat and a first class gentleman to share the boat with. His goal is to see that everyone has a good time, is safe and catches fish. Highly recommend you give him a try.
  8. Hi Duane (duckydoty),

    I have some questions regarding your crappie fishing trip to Grenada Lake in Mississippi.  My brother and I are looking for a good fishing trip and yours looked great.  At your convenience would you consider giving me  a call so I can get some information from you.  Would appreciate it very much.

    Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.  Ed Burns (bank robber) 417-230-3819



  9. If you want something no one else has give me a call and we will visit. Thanks, Ed 417-230-3819
  10. Young Ed,

    Congratulations on your decision to pull the plug!  You can go ahead and put us (Ed & Joe) down for a walleye/crappie trip as soon as you say it is go time.  Also, if there is anything I can do on our end down here (Tablerock) to help promote your guide service email me or call me.

    Thanks so much and congratulations!

    Ed Burns

  11. Three model MA-15 -DX two of which are new in box one used two times. Other reel is Akuma Pro model MA-20-DX used only two times spooled with leadcore line. All are in like new condition. $150.00 takes all four. Call Ed with any questions @ 417-230-3819.
  12. Original Wiggle Warts (4) Original Wiggle hog (1) Good condition. $50.00 for all. Call Joe @ 816-213-8703.
  13. Have for sale two Browning A-5 shotguns. One is a 16 gauge Belgium made with vent rib modified choke made in the 1950's. The other one is a 12 gauge 30" barrel full choke with vent rib made in the 1970's. If anyone is interested please call 417-230-3819.
  14. Hi Mike, Could you email me the contact information for Ed @ lmt out-fitters? I am having the same problem you referenced when it comes to catching walleye on Stockton. Thanks so much, Ed Burns @ ekburns@outlook.com
  15. Hi Fishwrench,

    I apologize, but I failed to write down your phone number and the name of your shop.  Would you please be so kind as to email me the info one more time.

    Thanks, Ed Burns (Bank robber) @ekburns@outlook.com

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