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  1. I've always been skeptical of them especially w the cost. But I tried them out Thursday morn around the Knob and caught the biggest bass I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Not much else happened tho. Just wanted to share the fish.
  2. All I have to say is WOW!! East side of the bridge.. Chartreuse was the hottest color. I used that, pink, red, white and combos of all of em. Limited out in about 35 minutes but was too fun to stop so all other fish were safely returned to be caught again. Literally every cast produced good size. Fish right off the bank where the water starts to go slack. And I mean the entire bank. I fished about 150 yds of bank and never missed. Whites and crappie. I'm assuming I connected with a few wally cuz my line kept seeming like it was cut when fighting a fish. Anyways, hit it NOW. Im just pulling out cuz the wife called and it's 835.
  3. Gonna try my hand at catching anything that swims, went down to check out the water Saturday night and saw a couple catfisherman. Water was rolling and muddy. Hopefully I can snag a wally or white. If that doesn't work I'll check out Cc and report my findings.
  4. Yeah, may have lit his fire lol. Every time I put shoes on he yells, "hold on, don't leave me. Me go fishing too!" Lol won't get to go much before too long though. His new lil brother arrives August 2nd.
  5. Woke up around 7 and my lil boy two woke saying, "me go fishing with you daddy." So of course I get super excited and hurried through all the chores I had lined up for the morning and take the family. Arrived about noon so they could swim. Set the boy up for blue gills but no takers. So I fished w a silver spoon and caught bass at will but nothing of any size. I let my boy attempt to land the first fish of the day. He about fell in lol. But we wrangled it up and he named it lol. I wanted to see how it would work under the dock and to my surprise, I caught an 11 inch walleye! Good day bit alot of boat traffic.
  6. Can anybody tell me how the fishing is below the dam? I went to Perry lake in Kansas a few weeks ago and tied to 1/4 oz jigs about a foot apart and tore the fish up. I know it's a different style of spillway (Perry is the tube style) but I was hoping there was something like that closer to mount vernon where I love. That's a 4 hr drive lol. My wife hates that I drive an hour to fish. (No boat btw) And I'm not talking hundreds of little fish, iM hoping for several species of good size. I'm goin fishing Thursday morning, and it'll be the last time I can really fish for almost a month so I need my fill lol.
  7. Sorry no info here but... This is why I love this site and 90% of the people one here. I grew up trout fishing. Got that down pat. But I never really lake fished until about 3 or 4 years ago and I love it. Targeting each different type of fish , different tactics at different types of the year and so many more tactics than trout. But, I sucked at first other than crappie, but I'm slowly broadening my skill set thanks to many many people here. Keep up the greatness and God Bless!!
  8. Makes me excited for when my little ones get a little bigger. We tried this year but the only thing they caught was momma's shoulder w a jig....oops
  9. Say I'm going for the walleye...lakeshore drive the best bet? Where might the wiper be?
  10. Say it's Stockton or table rock as far as water temp, weather etc. Just looking to learn a starting place. Some idea beats just walking up to the water throwing something in hoping for the best lol.
  11. Yes same weather and water temps as local lakes...
  12. So hypothetically, if a person were to fish on this lake that I've attached, where SHOULD be the best spots from the shore line for each type of fish the lake contains? ( catfish, crappie, LM, saugeye, walleye, wiper) I'm just trying to learn more about where to look for each type of fish. Anyways here's the map....
  13. I drove to one today, not even thinking , got there and it was basically a mountain ha-ha. Drove an hour and a half from home. Found another place and caught a few crappie tho so not a total waste. Had a family friend clue me in on somethin he uses, caught those 4 crappie in the first ten casts....then nothing lol
  14. Apparently walleye in TR are sacred and only for OAF royalty ha-ha.
  15. Recently I have been trying my hand at Stockton for walleye. The fish up there just don't measure up to TR. So I'm going to pursue walleye in my favorite lake. I usually fish just south of shell knob by a relatives private dock and do well for crappie and bass. But I have no idea where to look on TR. I've been told channels that swing close to points is a good place to start, but any tips on what and where would be nice to get my feet wet so I could find my own honey hole. Thanks for any replies in advance! Also, I'll be fishing from the shore line....
  16. Thanks for all the help! Other than being ran off because I wasn't a paid camper, I did alright. Only fished for 2 hrs got a handful of bass right at keeper size and this little dandy....
  17. Not on Stockton but I know quite a few on TR
  18. Ha-ha , I really appreciate it. Here in the last couple of years I've been ate up with fishing. I even plan on making a journal with all of the fishing information like spots for types of fish, when to fish for what etc, so I can pass it to my kids, and their kids. I think that would be awesome for my family years down the road to look on and see what I learned and maybe light a fire for them and fishing. So o definitely appreciate all the advice I've received on here. The good and the bad lol.
  19. So I'm setting out in the morn for walleye. I don't have a boat. So I know some of the basics for walleye but not sure on bank fishing spots. I heard by the bridge on sons Creek would be a good bet, and earlier in the year someone mentioned the dam. Any advice is greatly appreciated fellas! (spots, what time to call her quits etc)
  20. I went 2 weeks ago and the beginning of last week, they were thick but nothing was biting, unless u used minnows or were fly fishing.
  21. Sounds fun! I can't wait til my kiddos can fish. Right now they get the hard little plastic fish on the line lol. But they both love lippin the fish and helping me clean my catch. (4yr old girl, 2yr old boy)
  22. Got a few friends n family wanting to catch a few whites from the banks. Has the bite picked back up or are they still tight lipped? Most likely will visit the morning or evening of the 22nd. I'm sure they'd settle for 3 or 4 hrs of fishing and at least a few whites and hopefully a bonus walleye or 2.
  23. Well I'm sure I'll see ya out there. I'll be the only idiot in flip flops lol love my flip flops.
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