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  1. i suppose, but i assume that they will "eat" it. teeth or no i don't think we have to result to unconscious snagging..
  2. i doubt that. i'm sure Asian Carp would bite a fly just like any other fish.
  3. the falls is pretty decent i hear, lots of people fish it to though. I like to use red/chartruece. Your not to far from Kellog lake, i hear they stock that lake.
  4. ....are there fish at Wildcat? I've seen tons of people fishing there (problem?) and i've never seen anyone land a fish yet.
  5. Man, that may really be worth the 3.5 hour drive.......
  6. Oklahoma sadly lacks severly in trout, maybe they will start putting in effort to make their state a better fishery.
  7. wow great fish, are cuttys common at Norfork?
  8. when i fish i fish to eat. that said why would anyone kill another animal just to do it. Even if you don't like carp i dont think it's right to come in and kill them for no reason. Makes me want to start sticking people with arrows, just to do it.
  9. AAAAARRRGGHHH dont tell me this, i really have to do yard work.........
  10. well my rods of choice don't fall into any of those choices. i typically carry either my 9ft 7 weight flyrod, my 13 foot cane pole, or my 18.5 foot cane pole
  11. it just depends on the fish i guess. I have caught some trout before that swallowed a size 8 stonefly tied on a circle hook so deep i was pulling the hook out of their caudal fin lol. Of course i keep some of these flies around, "just in case".
  12. i tied some of these up today and they look amazing. One tip i would give is don't waste time trimming the stray fibers, i just ran over the dub with a lighter a few times and it worked great. they look even better in person.
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