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  1. Great idea . Channel swing/ inside turn adjacent to that type bank. Catch them coming and going pre and post
  2. There's an old saying , by the time you see bass on beds near the bank, the majority have already done their thing and left. The spawn starts way earlier than we imagine. Look at the reports I did this spring. Those big bass I was catching on worms were on beds many weeks ago.
  3. The opposite is happening with rising waters on Bull. has bass so shallow their backs are almost dry. πŸ˜„I pulled up to a point at the mouth of a cove middle of the day bright sun,clear water, and they were everywhere cruising in and out of the bushes in shin deep water. All of them keeper largemouth. Hundreds of baby bite sized gills they were herding. When they got them pushed up near the bank in 6" of water they would kill em. I was fishing for bluegill, so they didn't get caught. i have a samll boat so I could actually get to these fish behind all and in all the bushes. Saw 3 males o
  4. The way the lake level is managed has obviously changed. Decades of "normal" levels with the occasional high water year has been replaced by let's make it as high as we can get it and more often. When it comes to making money, that's priority #1 obviously. So now they want to spend more money to build something that already exists? Stop flooding the lake and the parks would be usableπŸ˜„πŸ€”
  5. I get it it's frustrating. I'm totally against a new park. The less development around the lake the better. I understand people like to camp , but there's already a park in Theodosia. It's not always nature's fault the water stays really high for extended periods either. There were times they could do something about it and didn't.
  6. Moving the Theodosia Park? Interesting article in the paper.🀣 spending money on the "old park" if they are wanting to move it? They put new blacktop, all that new sand and concrete for the swim area, chunk rock along the roads, saw a guy working on the electric for several days last month, new roofs on the campsite picnic table areas after every flood, youd think a few screws would keep those roof pieces in place so they don't come off πŸ™„ . I'm not in the corps park business so I don't know. I liked John Turner's and Nance's comments about the spending Remember whe
  7. I use 8 AA re charegable batteries for that little unit. That 10v is after two days of fishing. That's about how long they last before a re charge.
  8. Striper and Crappie schooling together, that's a first for me. saw these fish yesterday ,didn't try it, and they were in the exact same spot today. It's a channel swing bank. A small ditch/creek bed. Hooking small stripers with 6' of line out will test the guts of your micro combo! Threw em all back.
  9. See, all good!! Thank you for the update
  10. Practice catch and release, 🎣
  11. Fished from 2-6 WT 72 4-6' Homemade Micro jigs They were very aggressive getting bites the entire time. 95% of the bites were on or near the bottom. Here's a few pics to get an idea what I was into all afternoon. didn't keep track of how many gills were caught today but it was way over 100, anywhere from 4" to 8+" size. Look at the teeth on this one !☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️ They were around the brush and debris so had to set the hook and reel like mad and keep em coming or these big ones would instantly wrap me up in the cover.
  12. Fish24/7

    What's Cooking?

    You are so kind Thanks!
  13. This is going to be the latest I've ever planted my tomatoes. Always had them in the ground before May. The weather here sucks so far. Too cold at night, too wet. My neighbor has stunted tomatoes and his peppers are always droopy and pale. I'm going to wait one more week, then they go in no matter ,or else I won't have tomatoes until mid August if I wait any longer. The variety I grow hate cold weather ,cold rains,and cold dirt. The two that are already in the ground are not happy with the conditions. Still alive, just not doing much. Been bringing my jalapenos in every night. . They are
  14. Fish24/7

    What's Cooking?

    Awesome grilling weather today. These are done
  15. 40's again at night this week? My jalapeno peppers hate it. Anything below 55 and they just complain. Will have to bring them inside once again. Put some more corn in yesterday before the rains. Still hesitant with planting the tomatoes.. not a good weather week to transplant. I have two tomatoes in the ground already, slowly coming along now as the avg. night temp rises. These may be a tad stunted ,too early to tell for sure but they are getting very bushy for a non bushy variety.
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