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  1. It's a watering/feeding pipe. If you look back through my previous posts I mentioned my recipe for growing tomatoes.
  2. Decided to cut the season short this year due to drought conditions. It rained twice during the month of August, just not enough to keep things alive. I wasn't going to run up the water bill trying to compensate so I decided to just let everything go. Picked my last two watermelons this morning. Got one more round of jalapenos to take. Harvested the last round of tomatoes too. Was a very successful season despite cutting it a month short! Thinking about building a green house next year. This is the third year in a row where Summer was just too dry here
  3. Another topic fixing to be ruined by vaccines and covid opinions, thanks! How does this even happen, stick to the topics ,nobody cares what we think about vax or covid. I don't care if you get jabbed or not . My neighbor got the shot, he still died from covid . .So sick of hearing about it everywhere I go , and now its on here again. All I want to see and hear here is fishing stuff. 🙄
  4. Pickin' time! Rain they say? After harvest this plant will be finished for the season. Will be reducing the number of plants I have down to 8. Should get another round in a few weeks from them also. watermelons I think are ready, picked one this evening to try
  5. Fish24/7

    What's Cooking?

    Hot peppers with sweetheart tomato, bacon, white and red onions and cheesy pasta Lime juice,Sea Salt, black pepper ,chili powder, garlic powder, paprika ,dried Italian herbs Using red green and purple jalapenos and yellow hot bananas served hot or cold
  6. I asked the neighbor kid if he could check the ad settings on my phone. he turned off a bunch off stuff in options I didn't even know about and will now know if it works anywhere or not
  7. Fish24/7

    What's Cooking?

    Bing cherry crisp 😋 A loaf of meat 😋 BLT extra tomato 😋
  8. I don't expect you to know the answer to this , it's cool, Then why don't I see ads about fishing, or boats, or hunting or growing vegetables,investing in stocks, sports ,and all the other stuff I search for online? There has never been one single Ad that pertains to my Google Yahoo, or Bing searches , or any other search engine. Right now I see that same Ad for horse health, I don't even own a horse and have never searched anything about horses ever. My cookies, history ,cache,and data are a cleared daily. Yet these mystery Ads still haunt me lol Ads about dog food? sorry bots, I don't have a dog😆 Maybe it's just my Android phone , but I've never used anything but droids and I don't have this happen on other sites . I have a Droid tablet I rarely use , I'll see if the ads are on it 🤔 I'm not pointing the finger saying it's anybody's fault here really, it could just be my device causing it. I'm no tech genius , andnif somebody knows how to change a setting or something to help let me know ,
  9. Has this image been posted already? I know this is a serious topic , I know people who have died from the virus, but this ...made me laugh . Please don't start chatting about the virus now after I posted it just laugh if you find it funny, and move on down the road lol
  10. Its been a very successful year for tomatoes. All the hard work and extra effort $$ has resulted in one of the best years I've had. Currently have 11 plants all Belgium pink. I did a rough estimate count this morning there are approx. 511 maters growing. The goal was to achieve an avg of 30-35 per plant,per harvest, but this year the avg is 45-46. So far I've picked about 400-425 there abouts this year. Like I said this second round of maters is even larger than the first. They should be ready by Mon./Wed. but if we get a rain forecast I'll pick them earlier because I don't want them to swell and split. The sweethearts are also peaking in their production. Will definitely be growing those again next year . Have 24 sugar baby watermelon that should be ready by the end of the month maybe sooner. Pics to follow.
  11. I guess not. Now I'm seeing a bunch of vehicle Ads from Buick, Chevrolet,Acura lol. They are always just random topics like Nat Geo , Disney ... I'll be able to cope with it , as long as they don't start popping up in the middle of the screen while I'm trying to read something. I HATE that
  12. None of the Ads are ever relevant to me. I don't even drink soda.
  13. Right, have to have some Ads to make this site work. I get that. I'm going to try a diff. device with a diff. browser
  14. Oh so it's probably my phone then,nice 😣 that figures
  15. I just saw 4 Ads for Mtn.Dew while scrolling down the page, and that was just the mtn.dew Ads. Is someone on this site selling this ad space ,and why are there so many? Any way to get rid of the Ads so I can still navigate the site without accidentally touching an Ad all the time? I have fat fingers so on a phone ,it's already hard enough .
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