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  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of boat ownership, it can be a real joy at times.
  2. Its hard for me to watch drop shot tournaments.
  3. I think I'm going to buy the PS60LF, 6 foot light. I was going to go ultra light but I think the light will work fine and I could also throw a ned with it if I'm not chasing crappie.
  4. Freshwater Fishing Rods - St. Croix Rod (stcroixrods.com) It looks like they have started production again. A lot of what was sold out looks to be available. What length and power do you guys prefer for casting light jigs for crappie?
  5. That is a great day in my book for this time of year, well done. I bet if you took a poll the next 30 days would rate as some of the toughest fishing of the year. Its just so nice to be out there when the leaves change and it cools down, fishing is secondary. Not to mention there is less traffic too.
  6. Ditto on that. Champ hit it on the head with the folks out there who are hesitant on the vax and masks. It some times boils down to common sense and doing what's right for yourself and those around you. SPEED LIMITS INCLUDED
  7. Chris Johnston Wins Toyota Series Event on St. Lawrence River - Major League Fishing He says he ran hundreds of miles during the course of the event, he deserves the money 🙂
  8. Because you MIGHT KILL SOMEONE!!!! I hope you were just kidding by saying that. If not please take your business elsewhere.
  9. The one thing I always remember about this time of year is when football season starts its time to pull out the football head jigs. Someone on here said that before I'm sure.
  10. Wheeler is the best right now, I don’t think there is any sense arguing about that. He is the best “tournament” fisherman and that’s important because there is a difference between that and guiding or just fun fishing. I would never say that he will never be passed up by someone though. Lebron is right on MJs heels and I never thought I would say that was possible in my lifetime! There is always some kid that will come along and blow it all up just like Wheeler is doing. KVD had a good run it’s just inevitable things end. Please no one bring up Tom Brady though or I might puke 😊
  11. I know Ill probably get killed for saying this as its already been said I'm sure. I think you should eliminate tournaments during the spawn or at least tournaments that involve putting fish in the live well and bringing them in to a weigh in, April and May for most of us. It hurts my soul when I see these fish on stage full of eggs and I think it would help fish populations or at least give these fish a real chance to do their thing. I know I don't want anybody dragging me out of bed when I'm trying to do my thing.😇
  12. Wheeler has been the best stick in the game for quite some time now. Bryan Thrift probably doesn't get enough credit for his game either.
  13. I second that on Martens, he is on my all timer list.
  14. I don't care what month it is, 14 keepers is pretty darn good in my book. Well done
  15. Anyone know of a good guide on Lake Erie around Cleveland? Also who are the outfitters on St Lawrence? Shakeyheadz Lake Erie Fishing Guides - Lake Erie Fishing Guide & Charter Service found this guy just surfing around
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