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  1. Anyone know of a good guide on Lake Erie around Cleveland? Also who are the outfitters on St Lawrence? Shakeyheadz Lake Erie Fishing Guides - Lake Erie Fishing Guide & Charter Service found this guy just surfing around
  2. Dude if I'm understanding what your saying he's just a kid fishing and making a pretty cool little film. He is not actually "flooding" or "destroying" anything!
  3. Maybe its just the way the picture was taken but that looks like a giant. Did you weigh that one?
  4. Its hard to argue that KVD isn't the best "tournament" fisherman of all time. He has won around 7 mil. I would like to see a tournament where you get a boat, tackle, and a map of the lake. You can have a temp gauge and a depth finder but nothing else. NO scopes and side imaging and all the other crap they have now. Then we get to know who are truly the best fishermen. Hank for sure in baseball, Barry Sanders is the best RB and I'll take MJ although a good friend of mine insists Wilt is the GOAT.
  5. I don't feel sorry for the Hogs and they didn't do anything wrong when they put up 21. They had 17 hits and you can't tell your kids to lay down their bats in a three game super regional. As long as they aren't stealing unnecessary bases you gotta keep your foot on the gas. Maybe if they scored 28 that game they would still be playing. By the way good call on the crawlers Quill. 😂
  6. I thought the same thing at first but its a 3 game series and the goal is to wear down as many of their pitchers as you can. They were in trouble when they brought Kopps in to pitch 2 innings Saturday night.
  7. I read somewhere there is a deep cranking bite going on.
  8. I found it on FS1, they got it on from 3am till 11
  9. I was looking to buy a St Croix premier spinning rod I could use for crappie. If you go on the St Croix website they seem to be out of stock on a lot of their product. Bass pro doesn't have anything either. Curious if the virus might of had an effect on the rod building industry. I know building materials are in high demand and the cost has gone up on everything from 2x4's to gas and propane and everything in between.
  10. That is about as good a tip I'll ever get for this pond, thanks
  11. I'm guessing spinnerbait crankbait jig is the deal with the water color? I would imagine crappie jigs and minnows is what most of these bass see.
  12. Where would you guys dump the boat in if you were going to Mark Twain? I was thinking Ray Behrens because its by the Dam and might have some water that isn't quite as dirty. That might be a pipe dream though.
  13. Me and a buddy were just talking the other day about going up there last week in May or first of June. I don't know of anyone that goes anymore either. It seems like a catfish lake from what I hear. The crappie were good at one time but its like it got fished out and never bounced back. Every once in a while you will hear about some bass being caught but its rare. It has turned into a mudhole from what I understand. If we go I'll report what I see or hopefully catch.
  14. Boy, you two guys didn't look like you were having any fun at all.
  15. Very good report. I may be in kimberling in a week . There are clues I can use thanks .
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