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  1. Great report thanks! Are you thinking the boat traffic turns them off a bit, but they make a reaction bite to the jigs?
  2. Banging bell makes sense, another theory could be the float is producing a better, "more realistic" drift?
  3. My SMS text app not only scraps Core Generation, Flow data, but it also has a bunch of USGS sites in Ar, MO, CO, and WY. To get a list text. "g" to this number. 913.270.0360 you'll get a link to a list of available sites. then just text "g smsID" SmsID is listed in the site list.
  4. Just finished "Lords of the Fly". by Monte Burke, Great read about the obsession of Anglers and Guides starting back in the 70's and 80's until now pursing IGFA records for Tarpon primarily in Homosossa FL. Great read and lots of info about the original Pioneers of Saltwater fly fishing (i.e. Lefty Kreh, Flip Pallet, Steve Huff etc.)
  5. This last Sunday Evening heading back, police officers and firefighters flagged me down from shore below cooper creek boat ramp 6 teenagers in kayaks and Walmart raft had tipped over. 9,000 + CFS we had to pluck one young man out and take him to EMS waiting for him down stream, don't think he would have made it much longer in that water. Everyone one ended up ok, but the whole lot of water rescue folks, firefighters, and police officers where mobilized.
  6. Yes you are correct he was just thinking using a smaller hellgrammite pattern as a being a representative pattern to tie
  7. My son his getting his PHD in entomology at Colorado State Univ. He said hellgrammitte nymph/larvae patterns are similar to fish(dobson) flies. But he said tie them a bit smaller. Here's a cool hellgrammite pattern. Here's info about the fish fly from MDC. https://nature.mdc.mo.gov/discover-nature/field-guide/fishfly-larvae
  8. Me too, Stopping and Starting the service/site might resolve.....
  9. I fished with a Crappie fishing Guide who used those type of hooks, worked well when vertical jigging, hooks right at the top of the mouth.
  10. My first time trying to catch a Muskie on the fly at Fellows, he followed my 15 inch crappie fly in and left my figure eight to eat my buddies fly. I was incredible, and I still dream about that leviathan appearing behind my swimming fly.
  11. Fishing wet flys without an indicator can be referred to as "high sticking" or "tight line nymphing". A lot of folks fishing pocket waters fish this way with heavy nymphs and special leaders so they get down very quick and they cover water. Competitive "Pro" fly fishing does not allow indicators or split shot. They also use longer 10 to 12 foot rods. It can get technical quickly, George Daniels "Dynamic Nymphing" is an interesting read if your interesting in nymphing techniques with and without indicators. I was fishing with a quide once and he said "Do you know what can be the dif
  12. Just checked, they typically post schedule on Friday for Saturday, Sunday and Monday.. looks like 50mhw Sat all day and 35mhw Sun/Mon all day. Should be fairly wadable Sun/Mon. On non weekend weekdays they seem to publish next days schedule at 4:00 p.m Also text "s table" to get the schedule for the current day no quotes or "s table sat" , again without quotes to get scheduled generation to this number 913.270.0360. it just scrapes the web app to get information. Remember if you are wading, they don't always honor the schedule, and don't always blow the horn when they turn it
  13. I fish out of a Towee micro skiff, not a ton a room especially when throwing integrated sinking line. So, i bought a collapsable leaf basket on Amazon, cut all the extra handles off, and put a floor in it for stability. Works well, My son just tried it out...see pic below.
  14. Sounded like they where doing some kind of excavating or earth moving, not at outlet three but behind it just north of it where the pond is. I could see, hear, and smell the dirt being moved.
  15. I also smelled that yesterday, thought it might be lake turnover, but then heard all the construction equipment and land movers, so i think its turnover, not lake turnover, but earth turnover around outlet three.
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