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  1. Yes, absolutely, just make sure you have enough weight to tick the bottom and get to the bottom fast, you won't even need an indicator, as your drifting a long you see and feel the bites. To double your pleasure, drop another scud off or to get them attention/attracted, try a san juan or yarn egg and drop a scud off that.
  2. @Phil Lilley I absolutely would, but I'm visiting my Son in Wenatchee Washington. Will try next year and will live vicariously through AO anglers Also would like to do Jigfest this year.
  3. You can ty it with a bead and tie the chenille at the bead and let it tail off, works pretty good, even with no generation. If you have white chenille i like to make a hot color with pink thread. Size 10 hook is a little big for no generation, but great when there is generation going.
  4. Usually the largest I tie my Scuds is 12, however, a Scud that big should work when the water is ripping, especially in the Spring/Summer. Size 10 is a good size for a Yarn Egg, they should pound it this time of year and the Spring. You could also put a bead on and tie in some mega worm chenille, or Maribou to make a Mega Worm or Jig.
  5. Interesting, the data seems to indicate fish Taney April, May, June, July to increase odds for a Trophy, or might be when most people fish You can also see the increase in anglers COVID probably introduced. Thanks for sharing this.
  6. Must say that was a nice can opener off the rail
  7. You can test if line has deteriorated by throwing an overhand knot in it an pulling on ends, if it is bad it will break with little pressure.
  8. I went a couple weeks ago, had not been in a while. Looks like they pulled all the hydrilla or it died, but had a another big one crush my bug at the boat, could not hook up, probably due to a little panic . In speaking with others it has been fishing well. Spring should be good @trythisonemv
  9. My first Muskie trip on the fly at Fellows. My buddy caught this... Still have dreams about it.. It followed my bug to the boat, left my figure eight and ate his. Will never forget seeing this fish appear like a leviathan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53jofLAVr8U&t=1s
  10. You can access via a web browser, which is safe. It should not be any more dangerous that google search. I'm sure they are capturing the questions you ask like google, so the only thing to worry about it the type of questions you ask . That's why some companies ban it, they don't want trade sectretes potentially captured.
  11. I'm in the software business, so felt compelled to check out the ChatGPT platform. It's pretty smart, essentially it has been trained on all the available fishing content available on the internet. Here's the link. https://chat.openai.com/ And here are some fishing related questions I asked. These are also referred to as prompts. Give it a shot pretty interesting stuff.
  12. So sorry to hear this, best wishes to you and your family.
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