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  1. Won't look as good as glue on eyes, but maybe you could draw some shad spots and maybe some eye markings using a Sharpie?
  2. Nice I bet some whites or wipers will pound that if its not to big.
  3. Nice looking page, easy to read. You've talked about removing hooks in the past, this could be helpful.. i.e. gut hooked, indicate there may be times to leave it in? Thanks, David
  4. Love to see it? No worries if it's a trade secret
  5. Cliche Alert: So your tying them for fish, not the fisherman
  6. Thanks, I'm just cutting strips of craft foam and just ty them in by layering them forward and around, then trim to make it look gnarly/knuckley.
  7. I've been having luck catching wipers and whites by throwing this at schools of busting bait fish. It's inspired by Brian Wises Knuckle Head articulated pattern.
  8. I created a fly tying video website with a repository of videos. They are organized by fly boxes (species, location ,etc.) There's also a "How To" fly box with videos you might be able to use to teach from. Here's a link https://flytyerworld.com . There's also a mobile app. Hope it helps.
  9. Great video, thanks for sharing!
  10. Back Stabbers, black or purple, John Montana's hybrid, carp craw, Egans's head stand patterns with a chenille worm sticking out. Mitch also ties a lot of variants to these patterns, add squiggly legs and some orange to get there attention. I believe it takes a lot of skill to catch carp of the fly without chumming for them. I know of some bragging rights tournaments. There's a really popular Pro Am tournament in Colorado. No money but prizes. https://carpslam.org/
  11. I do a little guiding for KCFlatsCO https://www.kcflatsco.com/. Mitch Meyer is one of the owners. He's a young man that got turned on to fly fishing playing in the minor leagues in Montana and Wisconsin. He was a full time guide for Minturn Anglers in Colorado, then life called and he came back to KC to raise a family. He guides for CARP at Hillsdale and Clinton KS polling a skiff.(Hog Island with a polling tower) . So, it's sight fishing, a blast to do, and very good experience for bone fishing, and other saltwater species. You gain experience seeing fish, then casting to them. Carp make multiple runs and fight, it's fun.
  12. Great report thanks! Are you thinking the boat traffic turns them off a bit, but they make a reaction bite to the jigs?
  13. Banging bell makes sense, another theory could be the float is producing a better, "more realistic" drift?
  14. My SMS text app not only scraps Core Generation, Flow data, but it also has a bunch of USGS sites in Ar, MO, CO, and WY. To get a list text. "g" to this number. 913.270.0360 you'll get a link to a list of available sites. then just text "g smsID" SmsID is listed in the site list.
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