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  1. If anyone has any questions about this project, feel free to holler at me at jeremy.risley@agfc.ar.gov
  2. There was an effort to establish aquatic vegetation in Bull Shoals Lake by the AGFC in 2001. This effort did not include hydrilla but did include coontail and other native aquatic plants. The high water in 2008 pretty much killed the small amount of vegetation that was growing in the planting cages at that time. The project was abandoned by the AGFC several years later. Here is a short excerpt from a recent annual report talking about this effort: "In 2001, a project was started by the AGFC to establish aquatic vegetation in Bull Shoals Lake. Due to high water events and browsing by fish and turtles, the project failed to establish aquatic vegetation in the lake and was abandoned in 2010." Picture from 2004 of one of the planting cages on Bull Shoals Lake: Lake Ouachita was mentioned earlier. Hydrilla was once plentiful throughout that reservoir. Then sometime in the late 2000s, the hydrilla died back considerably. It is starting to come back in recent years but hasn't reached the level of coverage that it once was. Also, this year, the AGFC began a project to establish aquatic vegetation on Greers Ferry Lake. The results of that project could potentially drive an establishment effort on Beaver.
  3. On the Waypoint transfer, there is a setting in the Garmin software that allows to you change the preferred files type from ADM to GPX. Once you do that, the Garmin will read GPX file directly from the SD card.
  4. No, I received some data directly from the USACE and retrieved the rest from their monthly report listed on their website. Shot me a message with your email and I can send it to you.
  5. As requested, here is the Bull Shoals Lake data from 1951 to 2018. I took the Christmas Day water level minus the Thanksgiving Day level for each year. So this graph should be showing the increase or decrease in water level for the requested time period for these years. For example, in 1982, the water level rose 22.8 feet in that time period while in 2009, it decreased by 14.4 feet. To answer your question, it has happened four other times - 1971 (10 ft.), 1973 (17 ft.), 1982 (23 ft.), and 1984 (15 ft.).
  6. Here is the Bull Shoals Lake level during the same time period as the Newport gauge.
  7. That is the only adjustment that I'm aware of in 1998.
  8. I'm unaware of how lowering the Newport Gauge from 14 feet to 12 feet impacted the stages for the reservoirs. That would be interesting to see. I'll comb over Google to see if I can find something.
  9. I found the following information from this link: How was the water control plan developed? When were the last changes made? back to topThis plan has a lengthy history. In 1942, the Basis of Design for Definite Project Report was developed, which included the original studies for the method of operation for Bull Shoals and Norfork. This report helped establish the size of the flood and conservation pools in each lake. In 1952, the Plan of Flood Regulation for Bull Shoals and Norfork Reservoirs was developed. This reports described the proposed plan of regulation for Bull Shoals and Norfork. In 1954, the Master Manual for Reservoir Regulation of the White River Basin was first developed. This described the operating criteria for Bull Shoals, Norfork, and Greers Ferry. In 1963, the Reservoir Regulation Manual for Beaver, Table Rock, Bull Shoals, and Norfork Reservoirs was developed. This was revised in 1966. In 1993, the Master Manual for Reservoir Regulation for White River Basin was developed. No changes to the Water Control Plan were made, only basin conditions were updated. The economic analysis showed that changing the allocation of storage for purposes other than flood control, hydropower, or water supply was not economically justified. In 1998, after years of additional study, a revision to the water control plan was made that lowered the regulating stages on the White River. Why not lower lake levels in the winter to prepare for spring rains? back to topWhile lowering lake levels in the winter to prepare for spring rains does in effect increase the size of the flood pool, at the same time it takes away from hydropower and water supply storage. The Corps does not have legal authority to do this. The current allocation of storage for flood damage reduction was approved by Congress. Changing that allocation would require Congressional action.Also, that is a very risky suggestion because there is no way to forecast long-range how much or how little rain will fall. If the Corps artificially lowered lake levels in the winter and spring rains did not come, a shortage of water to generate electricity, meet the needs of water utilities or provide viable recreation opportunities could ensue. The water supply and power users pay for that storage. If the drought progressed, instead of recovering, lake levels could continue to drop and cause an extreme water shortage. How can the Operating Plan be changed to improve conditions for me? back to topProposed changes to the operating plan would require authorization and funding by Congress to study the impacts. All user groups would have input on changes they desire, even though each change to benefit one group would have a negative impact on another group or groups. These impacts would need to be communicated to all stakeholders in the basin and a new plan developed and coordinated before it could be implemented. In the end, substantial changes in operations are unlikely because of the substantial impacts they would cause, and there is no way to predict the outcome of less significant changes (who wins, who loses).
  10. mojorig


    Anglers and/or guides must catch their own shad within the same waterbody or they can purchase them through licensed bait dealer. There are guides on Ouachita, who are catching their own shad from the lake.
  11. Here is an AGFC article about this issue: Click Here. There is an error in this article. Norfork Lake receives an annual Hybrid Striped Bass stocking except for this year. I will say from a personal standpoint that I wasn't thrilled about leaving north-central Arkansas, which at the time, had few cases of Covid-19 to go to an area that had much higher number of cases. I was prepared to do it but again I wasn't trilled about.
  12. Binks mainly on fishes down on the lower end of the lake. Tom and Sean Reynolds are known to fish in MO starting in September through the fall.
  13. Hound Dog is the way to go.
  14. Here is a link to the AGFC survey Quillback is referring too: Click Here
  15. Phil is correct that it doesn't appear they will be opening up Bull at this time. However, if they do at some point, I am not sure the protocol for warning anglers.
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