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  1. How about adding Bo's name and perhaps image on the plaque for the annual OA tourney in March when there are more participants.?
  2. yea unbelievable. same bag size that Fieder won up at Mille Lacs a couple of years ago. These guys are culling 5 lb smallies!! I watched the video of Yokamuri, is that his name? Good guy. He said, "i got a school of 100 plus 5 lbers right under my boat! Smallmouth easy!!
  3. Just got back yesterday from fishing 5 days up at Mille Lacs. Targeting big smallies. We struggled but caught a few 3.5 lbers and several 2.5 lbers. Beautiful fish. Tiger stripes so pronounced! Beautiful country. And good to get out of the heat. Had to put my fleece on a couple of times. 62 when we left. 95 by the time we hit Des Moines.!! I do love the brown fish!!
  4. I've never experienced any doubles. But i was with KBillb one time he caught like a 6 lb and a 3 lb on a jerkbait i think. Maybe he will see this and send in the pic. Amazing pic!! He's a lucky sob!!!!
  5. So sorry to hear this. Never had the privilege to meet Bo personally but i sure enjoyed reading his takes on here. RIP Bo!!!
  6. Dan: Did you try any other techniques or just the spoon? I'm taking a buddy down next wed and thurs. Gonna try for some eyes. Thanks.
  7. Love that spook jr Dutch!! One of my favorites. Caught a nice 17.5" LM on one the other day over at Pomme.
  8. I agree with you Mr Giggles that you cant complain about anybody doing anything legal. I'm just saying there are a lot of meat hunters at Stockton. In my humble opinion. I watched two "good ol boys" at Mutton Creek one day filleting up a 5 gal bucket of 8 beautiful 3-4 lb largemouth bass. Being a bass guy it broke my heart. Almost wanted to say something. But i bit my tongue. These guys were totally legal. Maybe they need the meat to feed their families. More walleye fisherman than ever before from what i see. And somebody on here hit the nail on the head. Better technology plus more fishermen and a lot of walleyes are being harvested. Its still one of my favorite lakes.
  9. There is NO crappie to be caught at Pomme! Musky ate em all!!
  10. I fished the north end yesterday. It was brutal. 90 degrees. Sunny. Not a breath of wind. A lot of green mossy looking crap floating around. I bottom bounced for walleyes for about an hour. Nothing. Since it wasnt the ideal walleye conditions i switched to bass. Caught one small LM and one decent smallie on a Robo Worm Desert Craw ned. Plan was to fish from 2 to 7. I left at 5. Lake is like 4 ft high and dropping.
  11. Great info here boys! I have just started using the bottom bouncer technique and have caught a few. Still learning. 2 questions Lmtout: 1) you claim you use half a worm. So do i. I cut off the 2nd hook on the setups i buy. Do you use 2 hooks with half a worm on each? 2) I bought a used boat about 2 months ago. I went to Stockton last week and used my Minnkota Terrova 24 volt trolling motor into a light wind. I went down to one light on the tester pretty quick, 2 hours. Had to go to 4.5 to 6.5 on foot pedal to maintain 1.0 to 1.2 mph. What kind of batteries do you use and do they last all day? Can you recommend the qualities i need in a Interstate lead core battery? Amp rating? Reserve Capacity? My monies are limited so I cant afford the expensive batteries. thanks for the info boys. Great to see you at the OA tournament RPS.
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