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  1. Bo: When do you expect to see tackle warehouse sell your new pbj skirt Grass jig?
  2. Was down a couple of weeks ago and caught some nice crappies up in the shallows. Some had eggs some not. Was just wondering if the spawn was still on? Thought about going down this week. Any info is deeply appreciated.
  3. Had a buddy tell me one time he was sitting in a bar with a guy that worked for Lindner's fishing show. He claimed they would put fish in a long pvc pipe so the fish would come flying up out of the water. Just sayin.
  4. I will also agree with you boys on the St Croix products. I use the mojo bass spin setup for light lure presentations. I use the EyeCon for walleye fishing and really like it. I used to use it for Ned fishing, on Dave's advice, but got a nice setup for that for Christmas. But its a good Ned setup. Use a heavy duty Triumph for hybrids. I would love to get an Avid. My buddy has one and he swears by it. You cant go wrong with a St Croix product. And i agree their customer service is good too.
  5. I'm with Bo!! Sincerely, The Scarecrow
  6. I had a girl one time that loved to fish! She kept kicking my butt! So I stopped taking her!!
  7. Baylor was simply too athletic for Gonzaga. I agree with Bill, if they played in a power 5 conference they would have had some losses. But they had a darn good team. And i love Mark Few. Supposedly he isnt obsessed with coaching, watching film etc. He still takes time to spend with his family. And he loves to fish!! Zags kept switching every screen and it created a lot of mismatches. I have heard that Gonzaga might even be better next year. They got the top ranked high school player coming in. Some 7' kid that is a monster. I was hoping for a good game since my bracket busted early. Didnt happ
  8. fished yesterday from noon to 6. Mostly up the Little Sac around State Park area. Was targeting walleyes. Tried casting jerkbaits and crankbaits. No luck. Tried trolling a flicker shad. No luck. Tried drifting a jig/crawler combo. No luck. Went home with tail between my legs.
  9. I think Baylor is the only team that has a chance to beat the Zags. Those 3 guards are going to have to shoot well and hit a high percentage of 3's. Baylor is probably more athletic and will D up! I agree with you Vernon that Timme is kind of a "look at me" guy but i admire the fact that he didnt play much early in his career, stuck it out, and now is a major factor in their success. Especially in this day and age of transferring if I dont get enough playing time. This transfer portal thing is becoming a joke!! I heard Braun, of MU, mom was on twitter all the time bitching about his playing ti
  10. I totally agree with you Vernon. Its a joke that the ncaa takes this long to come to some kind of judgement. And now they have some other organization that can decide penalties or not. KU has chose that route. Jerry Tarkaninan said it best, " when North Carolina and Kentucky get caught cheating the ncaa puts Cleveland St on probation!!'
  11. Maybe MU and Ark develops into a good rivalry. Thats what i miss most about leaving the Big 12. Ark has been very lucky. 3 straight games where the opponent has missed the last shot. But hey, they are in the Elite 8. Mussleman is a little over the top for me. They beat MU, without Tillmon, and he acted liked they just won the tournament. Took his shirt off and running around like a chicken with his head cut off. I hope they give Baylor a game. Everybody talked about how strong the Big10 and Big 12 were. SEC has two teams left!
  12. We MU fans are looking forward to playing KU Vernon!! Hopefully in the tournament! Oh wait, KU wont be in the tournament. Cheaters are going down!
  13. Quill you're starting to sound like Bo!! "Pretty slow day today. Only 30 with 5 keepers!"
  14. Had a great time! Thanks to all that was instrumental in putting this event together. Always good to see you boys and put some faces to the handles on here. Looking forward to next year.
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