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  1. Having grown up fishing for eel and running my grandfathers commercial eel weir, if you are not fishing for them at night you definitely want to do this. They are mostly inactive during the day. we use to use drop lines thrown from the shore as they dont get gnarly knots/birdsnests from the eel spinning as you bring them in. Additionally.. in the fall they (mature adults) begin their run to the Sargasso Sea and after a rain storm they always filled our baskets to the brim.
  2. Any tips on the route would be appreciated. looks like 412/235 to 65/123 or 412 all the way through dog patch and are my options. Would also appreciate any suggestions on food or sites to visit on the way there and back
  3. Well I don't ever wish to top that poor dudes "Skivvie lounging, smokebreak, pouch bitten, taint removal partial pucker recluse experience...." ouch!
  4. The neighbor showed me a picture of a cream colored female (I think) in her flowerbed. The folks I bought the new house from said they only saw it once but the yard was full of the boys crawling towards the river in the fall (old golf course) to get lucky. Not sure I am looking forward to that... especially since my cat likes to race into the house with her harvest (alive) in her mouth trilling all the way. She just doesn't get it when I don't appreciate the gesture. I've seen several Brown Recluse and had a close call in Indiana with one letting me know I should not have grabbed her dried flower arrangement in the shed. My friend lost a good bit of his calf muscle from a recluse bite... (dont put your bare feet into boots was the lesson I learned and clap them out before donning them)
  5. She was dead outside my garage door from the insecticide treatment… One down… waiting on the tarantula and scorpion and the water moccasin sightings (not in a hurry)… And all the other nasty stinging biting creatures that come with this little bit of paradise. In the process of rolling her over, she broke in half…, But I thought it was a black widow and the only way to be sure it was to check the abdomen
  6. Thanks for sharing your boat and fishing with me today! Looking forward to more excursions with you now that I am officially here!
  7. Peach (My old girl - Yellow pointing Lab) sleeps there with me when I go there... we're dog friendly...
  8. I have a place in Mountain Home 11 mile roughly from every boat ramp. Close to food and shopping. It comes with wifi, TV, kitchen, full bath and 1 bedroom sleeps 2-4 (living room or workshop area sleeps (a lot with cots you could sleep a small army)... Ask some of the guys on here that have stayed at my place... Not bad for a man cave! It's pretty much a Bardominium / garage with living area.. Bedroom has two futon/couches. The Full bath has great water pressure, Kitchen has working stove, Coffee makers, Espresso machine, Microwave, Fridge, The main center section is the living room and kitchen, the right side bay is for boat storage or whatever.. its where I keep my boat when not rented out. TV is 65 inch has Amazon Prime, Disney + and Hulu. The left bay has putting green and driving/chipping net for fun.. There are several fly tying vises and tying stations.. If you need to use these, we can discuss materials and deposits. Covered vehicle or boat bay, room for an RV, no RV hookup yet. I just moved down here and am starting to remove a bunch of personal effects to the new home. Its 150.00 a night using the inside climate controlled boat/car bay. If just needing a roof over head its 120.00 a night.
  9. Thanks for all the kind words and calls and text messages... You guys are the best! Cant wait to fish with you guys again and others I have yet to wet a line with... I'll be down to my place Feb 12-19th
  10. So far off to a poor start. Lost Mom last Monday. She had been going down hill real fast after her fall last Aug. Got to served with a Covid-Divorce in 2020.. still having fun in that department so 2021 is still a crap shoot so far! Woohoo.. (hey look sometime you have to laugh. and poke fun at your situation!.. otherwise there is only crying and that dont really help! and who the heck wants to hear it. I choose looking at the brighter side) Anyway, Mom has gone on to be with Dad and I got to spend her final years dotting on her like she did to me as a pup as should be. And was able to comfort her as her days grew dimmer. Last journey is to get Mom interred at Arlington next to Dad. Hopefully this fall. Covid has pushed things to the right everywhere.. we'll see how the schedules pan out for services there... I will be moving to AR (maybe Southern MO) before the end of the year and get on with life.. Count your blessings! Belated Happy new year to all... Hope to be closer neighbors to many of you! Eric - N9BOW
  11. Late reply here. Had a terrific time this year fishing and meeting up with everyone. The Food was awesome. I didnt take any pics this year. Worked on my boat (added a front centerline bunk) Thurs morning and fished solo at at Wildcat in the evening. Met up with @gotmuddy and had Thai for dinner then Fished Reds on Friday, Met his lovely wife at the Mexican restaurant. We caught lots of fish. I forgot my rain gear and wading boots in Iowa so we had to make a stop at wally world that morning. Cody and I discussed my cursed ADD - I think we align here somewhat. I left the new rain gear and some new cheapo waders down at the shop so when I pull that bone head move again I'm covered. (I did this on purpose - not because of the ADD) Struggled with the front articulating bunk again even after adding a center bunk. Going to replace the front articulating bunk with a V roller so the bow eye does not get hung up due to all the weight from the accessories installed (big problem on steep ramps). Fished Wildcat Sat with @JestersHK and @BrandonSTL. Boated lots of fish. DJ hooked up on some dandies. I think the M&M peanut spitting failure on my part kept me out of the big fish. Either that or I forgot to bring the Twinkies... who knows. The big fish mojo was not on me that day but still a blast. We boated lots of fish at Reds, then on to Rim.. Watched Brandon eat some rainbow eggs , then finished up at Wildcat. A great time and glad I got to fish with DJ, Brandon and Cody! Looking forward to doing it again!!! Eric
  12. Not in my boat but I did catch a river chub
  13. How many mouths do we have to feed? anyone have a definitive count?
  14. Got word from my Buddy Mike (Wounded One) is not feeling well and wont make it down. That leaves me with an Empty boat. I can take an angler (or 2) with me. My plans were to fish south of Norfork the first couple days and see what its like.
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