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  1. Look at her tail looks beat up like nesting or maybe just navigating the shallows? Seen lots of dorsal fins in the shallows along the edge in low water... Also seen a few smaller breeding pairs and lots of nesting activity there already... Could that mean an early winter? or is that normal this time of year?.. IDK.. have to do some research unless someone more informed then I has some insight on breeding time on the White.
  2. Saw one like that in the Shallows at the walk in Sunday afternoon before they generated and drove me and the dog out... Could not get him to bite.. Ended up with 10 for that short excursion and a 20" fat rainbow in 30 min of fishing on a brown Jig... No flies this time.... Well done... I wanted to hook that golden I saw.. could be the same one (seeing lots lately).. Also saw one the week before about the same size up against the seam on the very upper end of the state park on the park side of the river.. Caught 3 Tiger trout Sunday morning in the boat on the state park side of the river just above the park. looking forward to wading with you soon! gonna have to do that before they close the section Nov1! Eric - N9BOW
  3. Now that I am a Local I'm looking forward to any date and time you all agree on! Cant wait to spend time on the river, around the table, deep fryer, firepit, back porch, front porch, couch, etc. with good friends (old and new), good food, comradery, Fish stories and the twinkie zone..... Eric - N9BOW
  4. I leave the cat to deal with them! I haven't seen one yet.. but I will post a pick if I do.. I seem to be on a roll here lately. and @Ham I think I am getting familiar with the biting flying things.
  5. Broke my Rod there yesterday 4wt not really sure what happened... blew out at second section (4pc. rod) on a hook set Lovely spot.. SWEEET RUBY CHEEKS! U can see my house from there..... (actually just a tad upstream) Send me a PM and I can text you when the horn sounds Hope to see you out there some time!
  6. BTW- They’re not getting very much honey it’s just what’s on the rim. I’m taking these two really old bottles that have crystallized and heat them up in the sun to transfer it together. Figured why not share!
  7. Awesome! Cup of water to cup of sugar! Will do!! I like bees! Use to help my Pop-Pop Getting swarms in the boxes, taking the comb out of the hive, cutting it out of the frames, cutting the caps and spinning… Pop-Pop always let me spin. I think that had something to do with apprenticeship, knowing I’d keep this knowledge alive to pass on to my kids! Have my first Grandson this late fall, winter!!!! I do Miss Him. Anywho, I think I may be too close to the hives! (Thanks!, learned something I did not know.) You can see them in the background… Quite a few. They were getting kind of pushy with one another! 😞
  8. It’s getting really busy real quick!
  9. After they killed off all the clover on the old golf course, the bees are pretty happy to have some easy Pickins!
  10. Had a great time! Ham was almost castrated when that gar jumped right out of the water straight at his wedding tackle. I like the new yak.. She's very stable but there is a trade off on weight and quick turns.. She floated shallow and managed to get through all the same places Ham did except one of the last set of shallow rapids. had to walk it a bit to get to deeper waters. cant wait to do it again.. next time I'll bring the fly rod and spinning gear. Thanks for a great time Ham!
  11. Having grown up fishing for eel and running my grandfathers commercial eel weir, if you are not fishing for them at night you definitely want to do this. They are mostly inactive during the day. we use to use drop lines thrown from the shore as they dont get gnarly knots/birdsnests from the eel spinning as you bring them in. Additionally.. in the fall they (mature adults) begin their run to the Sargasso Sea and after a rain storm they always filled our baskets to the brim.
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