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  1. I've got a Team Allstar and a AS Titanium, both the 783 Zell Rowland topwater rods. Not only great topwater rods but also superb jerkbait rods.
  2. John Storie designed the original Champion 16' 8" Super V hull. He did not design any of the other hulls Champion became known for in those early years like the 176, 184 and 201. Storie left Champion with a non-compete clause meaning he couldn't build a boat with a wedge V design so he took a Ranger 480 series boat, splashed the hull (made a copy), made some adjustments and that was the start of Cobra/Viper boats, then he started Hawk boats using the same molds. Hawk went out of business and the guy that started legend bought the molds off of Storie. Fisher Marine fiberglass rigs that came
  3. It's been ridiculous for quite a few years now. The bidders are both lure collectors and those that will actually fish with it. Funny thing about WW's, because Storm's production methods were so antiquated the quality of a brand new wiggle wart out of the box was questionable. Out of 10, probably 2 or 3 would never run right and only about 2 or 3 had that special magic. The rest were OK only so needless to say I would never spend that sort of money for any pre-Rapala NIB and anticipate the thing would be fishable. In fact, from what I've heard, a lot of the used Warts that are on the Face
  4. I was going to say don't worry, there's no way a dam will be built. I still feel that way but apparently there's been some push from county commissioner Tim Brinkman to get one built. The CoE still says it isn't economically feasible. http://www.emissourian.com/local_news/county/corps-union-dam-would-not-prevent-flooding-project-not-economically/article_c7fe569a-4ca2-57c0-acd7-d0cbd0871897.html
  5. Little Dixie is a no-wake lake. It was a 10hp lake years ago. I'd add Washington County lake in Illinois just south of Nashville. Plenty of bigguns in there. Perry county lake just off the highway in Perryville.
  6. Another older rod that's still made today is the Berkeley Lightning Rod. I remember when those first came out in the very early 80's. Maybe even as early as the late 70's. Hypalon Pistol grip rods in 5 1/2 and 6 ft lengths, IM6 construction. Those rods were w-a-y ahead of their times and extremely reasonably priced. I still have 2 of mine and even today those rods are incredible performers. They're still made and sold at Walmart. I haven't tried one made in the last 10 - 15 years but they feel great off the rack.
  7. http://www.rollanet.org/~conorw/cwome/article69&70combined.htm
  8. My statement concerning issues involved the actual construction and viability of the dam itself, not outside political or environmental issues. "Very quiet floating/fishing stream"? I've been on that river floating several times in the past. Let's not try and describe that river in terms of a scene out of a "River Runs Through it" shall we? Sand bars loaded with drunks, jet boats screaming up and down the river. Idylic isn't a word I'd use to describe the majority of the users of those float rivers these days. I'd have no problem not damming the Current, Jacks Fork, 11 poi
  9. I started with an old Red Ambassadeur 5000 I got for my 16th birthday in 1974. I remember well when the after market bigger handles came out and then the after market buzz gears that raised the speed from a pokey 3.8:1 ratio up to the blazing fast 4.7:1 !!!! It was like greased lightning. I still have that reel, works great but I've decommissioned it. Those Lew's Speed Sticks were all the rage back then too. Back in the day, the top of the line back then were the Fenwicks. If you couldn't afford those you bought a Speed Stick or a BPS rod. I also remember when graphite rods
  10. To be fair, I voted against the dam way back but my choice had nothing to do with saving the river or any tree hugging issues. No, it had more to do with the findings that kept popping up during the initial construction that was pointing to the dam as going the way of a boondoggle that would eventually leak, and badly, due to the geology of the ground in and around the dam site itself. You can read about it here: http://www.rollanet.org/~conorw/cwome/article69&70combined.htm Political pressures had that dam site moved from around St Clair up to Sullivan. The grou
  11. I remember when Real Line was going out of business. I bought up as many bulk spools as I could find. I'm starting to run out and was likely to switch to P Line. I've also used Yozuri Hybrid which was great line but they don't make that anymore either.
  12. You were seeing a normal shad kill. Very normal at PC and most other lakes in Missouri that time of year. That's what the bass are feeding on which is why suspending Rogues or Lucky Craft baits are so effective. You're mimicking the dead shad's actions.
  13. Well, I do know the conservation department used to routinely shock a 10-11 lber in Bee Tree lake way back before they screwed that lake up by contouring the banks. In fact, Bee Tree used to be a phenomenal bass fishing lake back when it was full of timber from the beavers taking trees down and before they built the pathway around the lake. Ever since they drug the sunken timber out of that lake, contoured the banks, got rid of the beavers and made the entire lake easily accessible by building walkways and bridges around the lake the bass fishing there hasn't been the sa
  14. I've also spent a lot of time fishing Perry County over the years. There are lots of crappie in that lake but as mentioned, they're stunted. The conservation department wants you to pull as many out as the limit allows but seriously, how many people are interested in filleting up a bunch of 5" crappie. It's hardly worth the work. I'm not sure how they'll fix that issue. As for the bass fishing. My personal best of 8 1/2lbs came out of Perry. I've caught numerous fish in the 5-6lb class in that lake. It can be hit or miss and some days all you'll pull out of there are sm
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