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  1. Anyway I am a bit jealous of this state record. I am not sure that I have ever seen a river carpsucker in person let alone catch a state record on hook and line. Must be fishing in the wrong places, My Bad 🙄. Steven Henson of Bonne Terre reeled in a 3-pound, 14-ounce fish on the Mississippi River.
  2. Johnsfolly

    What's Cooking?

    No photos - Made a meatloaf - 2/3 ground beef, 1/3 pork sausage, diced onion and yellow bell pepper (cooked until onions wer translucent), parmesan cheese, worchestershire sauce, and smoke paprika. Served with mashed potatoes using ranch and milk. Also corn since we didn't have any peas😉
  3. Not sure that you have ever finished your BS buddy🤣
  4. Don't try telling that to Wrench. He seems to think that they all pull in 6 figure incomes. If you get into the industry side, there is more money that can be made. Depends on the markets. I work on the preregistration testing (e.g., determining if it is a risk to the environment, animal, and human health) for the Pharma industries and we typically get $500 to $700K for our testing. My brother works in the health care side (e.g., getting the Dr's on board to promote their drug) and the same Pharma client will spend $2 to $5mil.
  5. I love our Sequoia but it has the limitations of an enclosed vehicle unlike a truck. I'm a big fan of Toyotas but really don't like the seating in theirs trucks. Maybe the newer Tundras are better but don't know.
  6. JF #87 Summer flounder. For nearly 85% of the trip this fish was the only fish caught out of 15 to 16 anglers. Was the other flounder caught. I caught it on a 3 inch chartreuse Gulp swimming mullet and a white flashabou trailer about 18 inches behind a 3 oz weight. One guy did catch a sea robin for a total of three fish. Lots of crabs and horseshoe crabs were caught. Not a great trip.
  7. I'm going to add the darter to the list. JF #86 Rainbow darter - female Turned out that the mystery minnow in the attached post may be a variation of Ozark minnows and not likely a different species. Since I already had an ozark minnow on the list this one will not be added.
  8. Livie #71 (lifer) Summer flounder or Fluke, Paralichthys dentatus. Went on a 3 hr boat trip. Livie's was only the second flounder landed all day. Had a crappy slack tide with no water movement until the end of the trip. The captain decided to give us and extra 30 to 40 mins and Livie got it done during that overtime. I had rigged some rigs with white or green flashabou trailers. She had on the green trailer and a strip of flounder belly meat. She never caught a flounder before this year and this is her third flounder species this year. There is a species, the windowpane flounder that we may go
  9. Nice Dave! We don't have spots out this way. didn't even try for one when were out your. Heck I still haven't caught a smallie here in MD. Hope to get that done this year.
  10. Johnsfolly

    What's Cooking?

    Looks great but need details as to why it's Thai. Assuming a marinade but what's in it. Thanks
  11. Three construction workers are sitting on a beam 75 stories above the street in an unfinished building having lunch. The Italian man opens his lunchbox and finds a piece of pizza. "If I have to eat pizza again for lunch I am going to jump off this beam to my death!" The Asian man opens his lunchbox and finds rice. "If I have to eat one more lunch of rice, I'm going to jump to my death!" The blonde man opens his lunchbox and finds a cheeseburger. "If I have to eat another cheeseburger for lunch, I'm going to also leap to my death!" The next day each man had the same lunches
  12. Sounds like.a great time! Love that kind of topwater action.
  13. A young couple were invited to a Halloween costume party. The young man was dressed and ready to go. However the woman had a headache and told him to go on the party and she would stay home. After a hour her headache was gone. So she got dressed and headed to the party. When she got there she saw her husband dancing with several women. He was getting a little handsy and even getting kisses from his partners. Since he did not know what she was wearing, she decided to see how far he would go when she wasn't around. She easily cut in during the next dance. As before he was touching her all over a
  14. A young woman was waiting for the bus at a crowded bus stop. She was wearing a skin tight minidress. When the bus pulled up to the stop, she found that her dress was too tight and she could not lift her leg high enough to reach the step. She reached behind her and unzipped her dress a little to see if that would help. No she still could not reach the step. She unzipped a little more but again still not able to reach the step. Now she fully unzipped the zipper but again still could not reach the step. Suddenly the man behind her grabbed her around the waist and lifted her onto the bus steps. Sh
  15. We would love to have you out here. Just let us know when to expect you guys!
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