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  1. Not likely to get much more than a hand slap. Game fines really are weak even for big game animals that are poached. For squirrels I doubt the group gets anything more than $800 to $1000 in fines. Hopefully we can get a follow up.
  2. Hey @Quillback you got out and caught fish. Sounds like a good day to me!
  3. I would still have a problem if they took their legal limits of 320 squirrels. Way too much pressure.
  4. Having snakehead in Tuckahoe lake is the detriment of fish laddersπŸ˜’
  5. Glad that you got this guy Ham! They are spotty in the upper parts of the rivers after late spring. So wasn't going to get hopes that one would be caught. If we had the time to fish the lower choptank river in Cambridge, would have had money on catching a few. Never would have thought that you would catch one in the lake.πŸ‘
  6. Good luck and can't wait for a successful trip report with photos πŸ‘ (for @snagged in outlet 3 of course πŸ˜‰)
  7. @Smalliebigs congrats on catching those toads! You're putting in the time to target and find those big temperate bass and it is paying big (fish) dividends!
  8. Here's the first bluespotted. That ensured a more committed response to get one or more for Ham. Glad that we got that done. These are a special little fish and are not really common or more so overlooked maybe.
  9. Livie #94 Pinfish. She caught the only pinfish on the day even when Others may have cast into her spot as she was releasing another fish πŸ™„.
  10. Livie #93 L bluefish. First fish of the day for her! Didn't expect to see a snapper blue today.
  11. I don't but have been looking at Round valley lake for possible late fall Lakers. Will have to look into Merrils creek.
  12. Johnsfolly

    What's Cooking?

    Ribeye steak with mushrooms and zucchini saute plus cauliflower au gratin.
  13. Looks like you guys are doing well. Congrats on a good showing (so far) for their first TR tourney!
  14. That is a giant white catfish! We have thought that any over 2 lbs were bigπŸ€”. Thanks @Quillback for posting the article.
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