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  1. One more thing I might start selling is the blunt half of all the Zinkerz that I don’t use for ned rigs. To me, there’s absolutely a difference in the action of the sharp end compared to the the blunt. It’s the muffin stump of ned rigs for any Seinfeld fans.
  2. Fished with a friend from work on Friday from Kimberling to Little Indian and had a pretty good day. Definitely more water color than the dam area but clearer than expected after the rain. Caught some keeper spots and LM’s on white blades jigs early which is completely foreign to me on TR. Used shakey heads, ned rigs and jigs the rest of the day. Caught 12-13 with 5 keepers. Fished the dam area Saturday with another friend. Caught 15-16 with less keepers but good ones. Ned rig, jigs, shakey head and flukes. Saw new beds each day that would have been on dry land last week. Watched a lo
  3. I tried to get sneaky last tournament and picked some guys that ended up not doing well. I dropped from the upper third of our group to 19th like a rock. I had Seth and Taku this time who finished 6 and 7, and I’m still in 19th! My other guys didn’t do well at all but I figured 6&7 on the last day would be worth some good points. I don’t get it. Oh well!
  4. It’s hit or miss on the slime on the lower end. Some points and pockets have little some have a lot. There are plenty of places to fish without getting gummed up. You should be fine, just move when you get into it and not too far. Or throw the jerkbait in the bad areas. Looking forward to your reports.
  5. Good job and report! And congrats on the new Ranger. What year and model?
  6. I lived in Texas for about 8 years. We did some work retreats to Travis and would do guide trips. Caught a lot on grubs but nothing big. From what I remember some years it was super low and others full pool. That part of Texas is so dependent on rainfall for normal levels. I had no idea it had bass in it that size it would have asked to change the way we fished!
  7. We did a few trips a long time ago. One with scouts the other unsanctioned. Used Tom and Woods, which I think now goes by a different name but you can google search and it should come up. You can stay close or they can haul you somewhere and drop you off. Lots of great fishing. Take 100% Deet. If it’s not melting your watch band it’s not good enough! And when paddling from place to place, drop a big red devil spoon down, pin your rod under one leg and troll to your next spot. We caught several deep lake trout doing that.
  8. Nice, congrats on a great day!
  9. I was in Wichita often for work a few years ago and stopped in one night. It’s small but packed full of a lot of stuff. Lots of build components. Would be curious how much of their inventory is actually out on the shelves vs stored elsewhere for shipment out from on-line purchases. Not trying to persuade you from going in person because I’m glad I did but don’t be surprised how small it is. Might be worth calling them to talk shop about what you hope to find in person before you go. They also had a lot of catfish related items and bait which the guy said was a specialty of theirs.
  10. Not sure what you are talking about. There is no more point 2. The sign is now just a big arrow pointing into Beardsley.
  11. I’m in. Paid through PayPal as well. Please confirm and thanks for setting this up again. David
  12. Congrats! That’s an incredible buck.
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