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  1. It’s a different bite, for me anyway. Nothing on a jig, ned, spoon or drop shot. Went to the bank and fished a wobble head with a standard size rage craw. Less drag than a jig so I can cover water faster. Caught a decent amount of 14” small mouths during the days. Switched to the big plopper shallow when the afternoon shade arrived and caught few big large mouths near the backs of creeks on steeper banks. Had to cover a lot of water as some have reported. Fished a wind blown main lake gravel point with a deep crank in 15’ this morning and caught 3 good keepers and lost a really good one at the boat before I had to leave early. The hound dog and plug knocker saved lots money the last few days. Water temp was 80-85.
  2. Caught this spot and SM on. Deep crank last month over the holiday weekend.
  3. Plus one on Kelly Power. They fixed a fuel pump diaphragm issue on my old FICHT a few years ago. I got it back, put it in the water and had another non-related issue happen immediately. I called Kelly and he told me to drive it back. He had 2 of his guys waiting when I got there as they were closing and stayed 45 minutes after hours to get me back up and running for the weekend. Or you could drive up to see Wrench. I might of heard somewhere that he’s an Evinrude guy😂
  4. That’s horrible. Thanks for keeping in touch and letting us know. Please let his family know how much we respected him for his knowledge and our appreciation for sharing it it with us.
  5. I have to turn my head to get side scan!
  6. Fished mornings Friday to Tuesday. Focused on main lake points, gravel run outs and bluff ends until the boat traffic got bad then moved shallow where there are still some good fish. Caught the majority of the fish over deeper water with spooks and flutter spoons. Also caught some on a DT 16 on the sides of the run outs. Caught a few good ones later in the mornings super shallow flipping to isolated shade. The spotted bass are super fat, the small mouths are average and large mouths are long and lean. Averaged 10-12 each day with most being keepers.
  7. Good luck Wrench. Hope it’s a mild case and you get over it quickly.
  8. Great report. Thanks for sharing.
  9. I heard Marty Stone today say he was confident EE and KVD were using 6.3/1’s. Agree they were both getting flat worn out at the end of the 2nd period. I missed the 3rd. Also curious about how straight the plug EE was using runs. I may pick some up tomorrow and see for myself.
  10. Great fish. Thanks for sharing. Safe travels if you’re not back up here yet. The fishing does seem different this year. I typically dead stick the little guy on a big slack loop with no feel based on your suggestion from the seminar in Springfield a few years ago but the majority of the ned fish I’ve caught this year have been lift and glide with feel. Also interesting to hear about you fishing the bladed jig. I would have never guessed.
  11. One more thing I might start selling is the blunt half of all the Zinkerz that I don’t use for ned rigs. To me, there’s absolutely a difference in the action of the sharp end compared to the the blunt. It’s the muffin stump of ned rigs for any Seinfeld fans.
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