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  1. "does their job and proves they deserve a bigger role" That is the point. You EARN it. You have to crawl before you walk.
  2. If you make more then you deserve then hand out YOUR money to the people . Easy.
  3. I'm having a hard time with what will happen to my STUFF when I am pinchers up. I need to start selling / giving away STUFF or it will probably be in a dumpster. My younger brother is a smart kid( 50), but has zero idea what that fishing vest and poles, guns, etc. are worth .
  4. Spend the extra bucks and buy good blades! Looks good oneshot!
  5. This is just great news. I'm glad to hear this, the local fish probably not so much.
  6. 2:30 am. On our way. This is a offshore trip, weather is perfect. Maybe to nice. Report later today, maybe somebody can teach me how to upload/download pictures. We have 10 guys going, two boats. Much trash talking last night, some money on the line. I really don't want to win, that sucker gets stuck with the lunch/bar tab. Brutal in town like Frankfort...
  7. Cant wait for this story... Glad he is ok. Maybe he went to 2 catch Redfish?
  8. Have a trip planned for Monday 16th. Friends from Missouri flying up to Traverse City Sunday. We are fishing out of Frankfort then will spend a few days on the local rivers and small streams chasing trout. Lots of quality salmon being caught. Many beers will be killed.
  9. Anyway... Is he okay? Get back on track!
  10. Shawnee aint... what it used to be. Used to hunt all over that area . Not sure it would be good shooting tomato stealing squirrels now, that neighbor Karen...
  11. Mitch, shoot,shovel, shut up. SSS.
  12. Have two. One still in golf bag, frog hula popper attached. They work.
  13. Anyway... Is he okay? Can't wait for the story if he is. Always fun.
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