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  1. 8 hours ago, merc1997 said:

    and there you have the definite effects of putting bass into the livewell and hauling them off.  no bass left.  it is not rocket science with all the fishing pressure that changes need to be made in tournament formats.  it is funny that catching bass in the kings remained good from jan. up until the tournies hit and poof not a bass around hardly.  don't even much anything graphing.

    way back, we did not have the technology to eliminate hauling bass in livewells, but with cell phones and digital scales the bass tournament landscape needs updating, especially if the bass tournament really want to show they care for the fisheries.

    anyway, glad you mentioned the fact that those bass that were there have been picked off and removed from the area.


    This is how Kayak tournaments do it, CPR catch- photo- release. That fish goes right back were it come from.


  2. 7 minutes ago, DADAKOTA said:

    How stable is that setup?  The elevated seat would seem to make it more prone to roll.

    It has a 42" beam I can stand up and fish with out any issues. The most stable kayak I've ever been in. I can lower seat if I want but at my age I'm all about comfort. Check them out at NuCanoe mine's the Frontier 12

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