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  1. 13 and 14 had clean water towards the back. There are a lot of floating sticks around.... There were a few spots this morning we couldn't run through that we had to idle through from Bridgeport down.. catching wasnt bad in the clean water..
  2. Especially the catfish.....
  3. Steak inn in shell knob is always great for a steak.
  4. Has anyone heard how he is doing? I had heard that he had stroke awhile ago and was just checking to see how he was doing. And Tim if you read this I hope you a speedy recovery. Thanks.
  5. Bridgeport will be muddy till the end of time. All the fish washed down lake with the mud.
  6. Sounds great I will let you know when I will be headed that way next!
  7. I might need a little set up help as well???? I won't be down for at least a month though...
  8. I have a 3-4 year old fortrex I'm looking to sell. I'm not sure what it's really worth. It didn't have the built in transducer and it barely has a scratch on it. Shoot me an offer if interested. I'm in Kansas City area but will be in the cape fair area over the next few weekends. Thank you. I also have an older 101 maxum to get out of the basement as well. Call or text if interested. 913-636-0505 JJ Hutton
  9. No fish bite a crankbait in the rivers. NONE.
  10. I would love to share a boat with you any day or night of the week! Those fish are awesome. How big was your biggest?
  11. That's how a grandpa and grandson should spend a weekend! Good job
  12. There are absolutely zero fish up the James or bear den!!!
  13. I fished from well above cape fair one year and made the boat ride all the way down and back. 50 gallons of gas later.. I won a few hundred dollars so I guess it was worth it.
  14. Who doesn't like fat girls!!! Nice catching and making me jelous
  15. I can vouch for the pro guide batteries. I feel like they have been the best batteries I have had in my boat. I think I got 4-5 years out of them and I was fishing a ton in those years (60-70 days on the water) . I wouldn't hesitate on the batteries one bit.
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