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  1. I went to using these about a year ago, and rarely, and i mean rarely get hung. Best thing since sliced bread for Neds in any cover/rocks.
  2. Pretty sure that’s alot of the problems. Have seen dock owners with my eyes, move buoys out further to give their dock more of a buffer. Wrench, you said you never lie. That’s one fer sure.
  3. Sitting in my shop currently, getting things ready for my chance at the hourly money tomorrow, and pulled out the 30 or so jigs still in the packages. There are 5 or so with rattles, the rest without. I’m typically a rattleless guy, but have caught a few over the years with rattles, especially once the crawdads get active. So, if you use rattles on your jigs, when is that time for you? What determines when you use it? Also, do you always use a trailer with your jig, or go bareback at times?
  4. Oh stop it. The political section was shut down because of comments like this. 😁
  5. Correct on the first. Not sure on trailering. Might see if it says on their site. I agree. That stretch will be full of boats. With most of todays boats running 200 to 250 motors, even running from Aunts or even Cape isn’t that bad. Just keep it hammered.
  6. Appreciate the info buddy. I will be there Friday and Saturday. Didn’t register for sunday, but thinking of doing so. You’re weekend sounds like a perfect way to do it. Im going to be launching at Aunts Creek i think. Im excited to try my luck. Been saying i was going to fish it the past few years, so thought i would do so.
  7. Just read the rules on your page. In the past, didn’t you have to attend a pre-tournament meeting on thursday, or am i thinking of another series? I understand the china flu issues, just making sure I didn’t miss something on your site.
  8. Dave, that 7lb isn’t big. Let me catch a 10 on Stockton next month, then i will post it. 😁
  9. Lets hear it. Gotta be something to do with sheep.
  10. I thought we were friends? Im wearing my boots next trip, and tucking my jeans in.
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