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  1. When you do this please video for us. Seriously though, cash in whatever points you have to come. It's a heck of a good time, with lots of eating, drinking, fellowship, occasional singing, and lots of lying about fish stories.
  2. I'm in +2 with BigHandsRob and @BrandonSTL. Still waiting to hear from Geno... All of us will be down Thursday thru Sunday as well.
  3. @trythisonemv @MNtransplant@fmcbrandon @BrandonSTL @LittleRedFisherman @FishnDave @Travis Swift @Ryan Miloshewski Let's get this party started... Rick you will be missed, I will drop a cheesecake for ya when you get back... I'll likely be down Thursday night. Big hands Rob, and FmcBrandon are both in. Waiting to hear on Geno and Ray Ray... John if you need a pick up from airport or a ride just let me know. My house is always open to ya as well if you need a place to pre game at. We'll likely all carpool so @Daryk Campbell Sr that offer is open to you as well as for any others that don't mind being serranaded by the silky soft voice of drunk rednecks on the way to Arkansas. For those of you on the fence, just figure out your schedule and come. By far one of my most favorite trips of the whole year that I look forward to the moment I leave Mile's place... Even if the fishing stinks (which it wont) the people and food are what it's all about
  4. Tis true I may have a thing for Yuengling... It's for sale in Texas now as well. They are branching out after partnering with Coors. Just remember you can't buy alcohol on Sunday in Arkansas... well unless you find a shady liquor store and promise to buy every case of yuengling they have.
  5. Tell him congrats! I seen he's picked up the knack from his dad on how to put nice smallies and bass in the boat! Super awesome buddy. I know you're a proud dad as you should be!
  6. Way to go buddy! Looks like you had a stellar trip, way to get it done!
  7. Awesome trip man, and I'm glad you were able to get into them. Fishing with dad is always excellent time spent making some great memories. Happy belated birfday too!
  8. Love that cuttie, fantastic as usual from you
  9. Nice job buddy! Had a better trip than we did for sure lol
  10. Nice job my friend! Landon is gonna be whooping all us old dogs here soon! Tell him congrats!
  11. Glad you got out there buddy! It's different from the boat ain't it.
  12. Yeah, Blake said down from narrows, not sure how far though. I saw a huge V in the water last week when we were down in the flats by rebar. Was pushing water like I remember the huge catfish in my aunts pond when I was a kid. Those were all 15lb plus cats... It's getting to be that time of year though still a bit early, but maybe they are moving up from down lake?
  13. 29incher on a Plum Stupid signature series down from narrows. Released on video on the book of faces, but figured I'd post it here for those of us that don't support Facebook. Him and Blake tore it up last night
  14. Beautiful brownie and I'm impressed with max catch too. Got my wife a nice hot pink combo from them that casts great
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