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  1. I bet a year or close to it of shutdowns and quarantines gave those fish time to get fat and big as well with less fishing pressure. Good to see the lake in such healthy condition.
  2. I think with the constant flows and high generating schedules allowed fish to bed and spawn.
  3. If the flows are less than 7k CFS I'd suggest heading a bit down past the outlets and do some exploring. Some good water down past the last outlets as long as waters not running full blast. Nice walk through the woods too. You will need waders however.
  4. Those white tipped fins look way to pretty to be a race pin stocker. Looks like a wild bred one to me after chasing stream bred trout all winter. Beautiful pic and cool thing to see happen on Taney where I'd imagine the odds are not stacked in the spawing fishes favor there.
  5. I guess I don't know any of the regulars at the outlets enough to call any of them out. I too have busted many a slump with an outlet fish. My girls enjoy fishing them, and my wife landed her first Taney trout at outlet 1. I guess since I mainly avoid them and people, I don't know who the experts are? To Rick's point there are guys who fish them and around them using skill then there's the guys running 3 flies on 6lb leader hooking fish everywhere but the mouth ie snagging. My issue is the poor handling, snagging, and disdain for anything besides a fly rod... I spent an hour reviving a decent brown a guy caught by snagging its tail and paraded it up and down the bank... Had more experts give me crap for jigging as well. Another reason for me to avoid the crowds.
  6. You mean there are new experts down there? I must meet these trout wizards. I did have one guy get all pissy when I asked him if they were biting in the kiddie pool lol. I fish the outlets with the best of em, but don't be killing the pet fish by banging them up against your boots.
  7. Glad to see you guys get out there. Glad to see you back fishing Ryan and looks like you found a good one, tell her so sorry about her being blind though... 😜 Hope all is well with ya, and we still gotta get synced up. Wish those girls would of got that brown on ol snoopy too Mitch. Would of been an awesome story. My cuz @fmcbrandonwas down last night, I had a few too many adult beverages to make the turn and burn last night, or I'd have joined him... they found some good fish i hope he'll post up. It's been pretty quiet in this forum lately as I think everyone's too busy catching.
  8. Eric's place is fantastic, he's also not to shabby of a guide and runs a sweet boat too. You'll be in a great spot there Ryan.
  9. Great to hear, they are a great little shop, and always very nice and helpful. Glad they took care of you.
  10. I'm jonesing for some night time antics and @trythisonemvI'd love to throw some big gnarly streamers with ya at night too if we could get some favorable flows. I guess we could bring Tyler along too since he seems to bring good luck for me, and he's a pretty cool guy too who may or may not have a knack for catching those toothy ones.
  11. Wish I was closer lol. Looked like a great time buddy. Saw they bumped that water on just in time for you to get there? That's usually my luck
  12. Awesome colors on that cutt. Beautiful fish.
  13. That is beyond terrible... can't say much more than what others have already said, but know that the big guy works in mysterious ways, ways we'll never know or understand. I'm praying for you that you can find some level of peace in all of this. As a parent I cannot imagine...
  14. Thank you for sharing that. I was only lucky enough to spend 2 days there, but it was def an awesome place. We took my girls to slide rock and although it's crowded and commercialized I bet it used to be a special place. I think I fished that very pool in your last pic. Although they weren't monster fish they were plentiful and fun to catch.
  15. I posted these in the other thread but Oak Creek Canyon in AZ is very photogenic as @budman showed us. Taney will always be my mistress though... she haunts me in my sleep, and I feel more connected with her than any other waters I've been in.
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