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  1. Great article. That's a beast rainbow too!
  2. Ugh... so sorry to be reading this. Was still hoping for the best yesterday. If there's anything we can do just let us know. Will keep you all in our prayers here with my clan.
  3. I get excited catching 1 lbers on my fly rod. They bulldog hard, can't imagine one that size on a light long rod...
  4. Very nice bows! Sounds like rain didn't wash them all away.
  5. I'm def not sure of the proper way, Just what the older wiser guys shared with me lol. I will say I use a palomar knot for just about everything and it's easy to leave a long tag. Bill looks like your clients had a blast, and I too would love to hear how you setup the tandem if you don't mind sharing?
  6. I've done it both was Travis, and I prefer the long tag method. Or if it's a bigger size I'll tie off again on the eye of i can get the tippett through. I've always done long tags for nymph rigs as that's how I was shown the "proper way" by an older gentleman in CO.
  7. Love the colors on the salty fish brother! Even if they are bait lol. Congrats to you and the fam my friend. Safe travels on the way home!
  8. I have both premiers and Avids. For me the extra sensitivity on the Avids is noticeable but then again I'm fishing mostly by rod tip, at night, in the darkness. Im glad you're happy with it buddy. St. Croix is a great company though. I've broken 3 so far and they've taken care of me every time. Last one that really hurt was I broke 4in off the tip of my Avid jerk bait rod. Sent them a picture and service request, they said $50 and they'll send me a replacement, and I got to keep my old one as well. Slapped a new eye on that sucker and it still fishes great, just a tad less sensi
  9. @rps not sure where you're located, but I've heard Bullseye Bait and tackle does decent reel repair. Just what I've heard though, I've gone to just ordering parts and tearing them down myself...
  10. Water water everywhere. Last trip down I did see 4 small walleyes up by the darn. Swimming together like a little Wolfpack. Been a while since I caught one up there. Crazy we're back to gates already even with that 4th unit now fixed...
  11. Happy birthday Rick! Wishing you many more.
  12. Beautiful Bow, wish you could of got that brownie in.
  13. Hahaha, you know it was killing me to waste all that time sitting down eating lol. No really enjoyed the time with them though.
  14. Hey buddy, you forget that you may have taught me a thing or two when we had our girls out fishing about those micros! Im in! Challenge accepted. I'm even down for hosting some boot camp training sessions where I drag you up and down Taney all night till ther sun comes up.
  15. Despite being tired I drug Geno out tonight. We hit the water around 11:30 and started up from outlet #1. I tied on a Doty SS 606 rainbow, and Geno started out with a brown trout pattern xrap, but quickly switched over to throwing a Doty SS 606 in what Duane calls the green weenie. My first cast I got hit hard and had a chunky 15in on. 2nd cast had another decent one that popped off. 3rd cast was a solid 16in bow, 4th cast got hit like a fright train and had a nice 17in. I was starting to get excited. Geno hadn't had a bite despite standing right next to me. I threw him SS606 and b
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