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  1. Tell him congrats! I seen he's picked up the knack from his dad on how to put nice smallies and bass in the boat! Super awesome buddy. I know you're a proud dad as you should be!
  2. Way to go buddy! Looks like you had a stellar trip, way to get it done!
  3. Awesome trip man, and I'm glad you were able to get into them. Fishing with dad is always excellent time spent making some great memories. Happy belated birfday too!
  4. Love that cuttie, fantastic as usual from you
  5. Nice job buddy! Had a better trip than we did for sure lol
  6. Nice job my friend! Landon is gonna be whooping all us old dogs here soon! Tell him congrats!
  7. Glad you got out there buddy! It's different from the boat ain't it.
  8. Yeah, Blake said down from narrows, not sure how far though. I saw a huge V in the water last week when we were down in the flats by rebar. Was pushing water like I remember the huge catfish in my aunts pond when I was a kid. Those were all 15lb plus cats... It's getting to be that time of year though still a bit early, but maybe they are moving up from down lake?
  9. 29incher on a Plum Stupid signature series down from narrows. Released on video on the book of faces, but figured I'd post it here for those of us that don't support Facebook. Him and Blake tore it up last night
  10. Beautiful brownie and I'm impressed with max catch too. Got my wife a nice hot pink combo from them that casts great
  11. There is another access right by the road, but we saw zero trout in that section... pretty sure it gets hit hard. The spot I'm taking about is a little tiny stretch in between 2 sections of private property that's at the bottom of the hill.
  12. I saw no snakes, although the terrain would def conceal them well... we were wadered up so I wasn't too concerned. As for Barren fork I hope you like hill climbing... and pro tip don't try it in the snow it's super sketchy going down that hill on your posterior. Did I mention its a climb. My knees were trashed by the time I got back up. Bring water and a snack, and a hiking staff too if your knees are shot like mine. Took longer to go down and come up than it did to catch a barren fork trout.
  13. Nice job buddy, always take advantage when you can fish, even if it's just a little bit.
  14. Truly love your trips my friend. Proud of the whole crew!
  15. Yep. If I'd of known what we were getting into I'd likely of just wet waded. Water was still icy cold though. Pete as my buddy was changing in-between the buildings I yelled out a school bus of school girls was coming haha.
  16. Haha thanks buddy, I'm sure as heck not skinny. Pleasurably plump we can go with I'll tell ya one thing we were soaked through and through, partly from soaking my hoodie to keep cool, and the rest from the trek in the sun. Got pretty swampy in those waders lol. If there were any sasquatch sitings in the area I did change next to the truck so false alarm.
  17. I'd love that! We'll get synced up eventually! I will say Crane was super clean too. I will bring a bag with me next time as I did see some trash by the bridge, but overall very pristine. There is still a bunch of it I'd like to check out too.
  18. Haha Thanks Marty, I'll just refer to them as bait from here on out lol.
  19. What a bunch of whiners... likely the same ones who cry about guys using spinning gear. I'm sure they'll be crying to ban jigs next. Marabou kills trout dontcha know!
  20. Yeah John, I was in a different place then chasing big fish. I still am, but found a great love for chasing the native wilds after getting back from Colorado. I know these technically aren't true natives, but as close as you can get here. And they are beautiful fish indeed.
  21. I've been obsessed with chasing monster trout for a while. This past winter @BrandonSTL and I started the blue ribbon slam challenge. After the winter I was down to 3 streams left. Crane, NFOW, and 11pt. My buddy and I were chasing sea monsters on Taney this weekend and the crowds in the morning were crazy with the water being off. We woke up in the car after a quick nap yesterday and I called the audible to make the hour drive to Crane. On the way I texted a trusted source of knowledge here @trythisonemv and anxiously awaited he respond to my text! I prayed he was awake and could help us two noobs on where to start. He responded and we were all set. We arrived to a locked bathroom and my buddies coffee kicking in lol, after a slight detour we parked around 9am and grudgingly started the process of wadering up. I say grudgingly as at this point I think we had maybe 3 to 4 hours sleep in the past 3 days and it was well over 95 degrees and humid. After a 1/2 mile trek in the sun and heat us fat kids were sweaty so it was awesome to be greeted with a shady creek and cool water that was teeming with life. After struggling to find fish in 2 of the other blue ribbon streams it was great to see so many trout so quickly. It didn't take us long and we both had our first fish landed. They weren't huge but they were hardy and fought good. Robs 2nd fish was a 14in that took him for a ride. All the fish we caught fought harder than any other trout their equal. They just had a fire in them that day I guess, but it was great fun. After about 3 hours and over 5 a piece for both of us we decided to end this little side adventure. I was stoked with the catching, and also crossing #7 off my list. #7 is right up there as my top favorite currently. Wish it was closer and also wish I'd visited sooner.
  22. A few from last night and a rare day time trout lol
  23. We went out with Blake and Levi tonight and boated up to the narrows. Levi loaned me a a Darth maul 762 and it quickly started producing. I put 6 or 7 in the boat before I hooked my gravel guards on my waders and proceeded to break the hooks off lol. Levi was throwing the same, Blake was running a rainbow, and Rob was throwing a plum crazy or mace windu as I call it. I started off strong, had 2 19s and a 18, but then it was all Rob from there on out. He flat whooped us tonight. Had a 20in and a 20.5in rainbows and prolly boated 30. I had at least a dozen or so myself. I probably could of done better, but I was laughing way too much as we gave Rob metric boatloads of crap for him constantly outfishing us. Blake even tried some boat v rodeo antics and it didn't matter, he still continued to beat on em. Not a whole lot of pics and the ones we have aren't great, but when you got 4 guys throwing jerkbaits its a hectic scene lol. Overall an awesome night in the books, lots of fish and laughs.
  24. A few from last night and a rare day time trout lol
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