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  1. Fished 530-10pm last night out of cedar ridge. Couple dinks off the bridge south of the ramp and picked up one on that channel swing, but really only found them grouped up in one spot off the island and saddle by the north cedar ridge ramp. They hit a spook and and popr around dusk for maybe 20 minutes on the channel side, then moved up onto that saddle after the sun was down but that, too, was short lived. Boated maybe 15 and lost a few at the boat. Topwater and shaky head did all the catching.
  2. Thanks for the reply, Dutch. Good luck out there today and keep us posted on what you find!
  3. Haven't been on Stockton since mid July but planning to fish Friday night. Probably launch out of cedar ridge. Anyone have any info on what the bass are doing? Thanks!
  4. FYI as of 7/23 if you plan to float this section there's a freshly fallen tree just above the crighton access that is blocking the entire river. Be safe. NH
  5. Thanks for the reply, Bill So the 'long gravel run outs' you're referencing are like a 'do nothing' gravel bank with a very gradual slope that lead into a pocket? Still confused I guess (go figure) Thanks in advance for your knowledge, appreciate all the detailed posts you give to help guys like me
  6. Bill, Is this the look of the structure you're referring to when you say, "long gravel run outs"? Just a clueless fisherman trying to better understand the lingo you guys all reference. Thanks! NH
  7. Anyone else fish this area yesterday? And if so, did you do any better than us? Scheduled myself off work for the afternoon and hit the water about noon. Off water by 5. Fished piney and Wooley and points in between and just couldn't figure anything out. Found bucks in the north pockets of piney but couldn't buy a keeper bite. Couldn't get them to sniff a search bait and I struggle using dragging baits any deeper than 20 ft in the wind. Just wondering if anyone had success, because we sure didn't 🤔
  8. Not much to report. Fished state park to the dam. Water temp 44 and clarity is fine up there. Tough fishing though
  9. Thanks guys. Going up Sunday to try my luck I'll report my findings
  10. Anyone know the current water temp and clarity? Thanks! NH
  11. If the James above Springfield dam is any indication then it'll be a few days. Still muddy and rolling at flood stage as I drove over it today
  12. Thank you, Dutch, hadn't thought about golf gloves. Great idea for not losing grip or feel! NH
  13. Does anyone have any suggestions on quality gloves for cold weather fishing? Numb hands early Sunday morning made fishing tough, but losing feel while wearing gloves makes fishing impossible for me. Thanks in advance for any info! NH
  14. Heavy 7+ moderate would be my best guess. I just don't throw the a-rig enough, or any other lures that heavy, to dedicate a rod to it on a somewhat limited fishing budget. NH
  15. Should have clarified, I was actually throwing one of those 3 wire a-rigs. Threw it on a 7 MH fast but im sure that's not the ideal setup. I threw it more friday than ever have. Maybe someone with more experience will chime in on it. NH
  16. Delayed post, but not much to report. Got skunked from 11-3 or so out of mutton. Marked lots of fish and bait between 30-40ft, both suspended around 30ft and right on the bottom at the mouth of a cove off a channel swing, but couldn't get a bite out of them with a-rigs, swimbaits, underpin. Too much wind Friday to drag a jig for em. Was nice to get out on the water either way, better days ahead. Water temp was 39-40 and clarity was maybe 2-3ft max. NH
  17. Thanks for the update, waterpossum. Should work out that I'll be able to get on the water on Friday - I'll try to post what i find
  18. i had planned to get on the water this week, possibly Friday. Will the foot+ of water from the rain muddy everything up? If anyone is on or around stockton this week and has any water clarity info for me I'd greatly appreciate it! NH
  19. I'm fortunate enough to have access right from my back yard, although it's quite a hike. A deeper pocket with chunk rock and laydowns makes it worth it.
  20. Hadn't been on the water much lately as work has been hectic, but got out yesterday afternoon several miles up from Springfield lake. With barely any water flow i couldn't get bit anywhere except the deepest rocky ledge in the pocket, but they were stacked up in a 30yd section and it made for a great couple hours. Swimbait and shaky head drug along the deepest drop produced 10 fish in well under 2 hours, with this toad being the best. No scale but best guess was close to 4lb. Only fished the one area behind my house but would guess this pattern would be good anywhere there's deep ledge rock or chunk rock until the water flow increases.
  21. Nah, if people look into my fishing report history they should know not to take too much stock in my fishing advice 😂 NH
  22. Yesterday and today's weather pattern is similar to the conditions from sat/sun. If anyone makes it into Piney creek today I'd be curious to know if fish are again positioned on these banks! NH
  23. It's rare that I find a consistent, repeatable pattern on TR 😂 so I thought I should share our findings. Hadn't been on the lake in way too long. launched to dense fog about 6:30 out of cape yesterday. Motored slowly to a couple main lake pockets and points while we waited out the fog and couldn't find a bite. Once the fog lifted we ran away from all the boats to Piney creek and finally got on a bite. Found lots of spots, a couple LM and a bonus smallie positioned on each south facing bank between all the small pockets that run straight north in Piney. If we worked into those north pockets we stopped getting bit, so we skipped the pockets and and caught fish consistently from 5-15ft before calling it a day. Shaky head and wobble head did most the work. My assumption was all those fish moved to those banks to get out of the 20-30mph north winds from Saturday and decided to stay the weekend. Boated Maybe 20, nothing huge but mainly 13-16 inch butterball spots with a 3lb smallie being the best. Fun day, especially considering post front and blue skies. NH
  24. Every time I go north i leave thinking, "shoulda went South" and vice versa... 😂 NH
  25. We also had a rough day looking for bass. Both of us were skunked in 4 hours Sunday morning. Marked lots of fish off swings in 30-40ft but they wanted no part of what we were selling. Couldn't even pick up a fish on shaky heads and jigs on main points and swings. Never saw temp above 40.5 up river from mutton. NH
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