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  1. What I run into is I only get to fish a few days at a time and cover the boat prior to going home. If it rains while I am there, covering up a wet boat doesn't work well. The wet spot is usually in the cockpit. I spoke to Nauti Renovations, they are out of the LOZ area and have been installing AquaTraction for 5 years or so. They scan the area (can do it with the carpet still in) and said it usually takes a few weeks to get the pre cut material back for install. He did mention the fit if you decided to do the entire area as they will have strips made for the friction seal. Not sure the longevity on that as i'm sure that would be a PIA. Looking forward to having it installed in the cockpit area for sure!
  2. I haven't had it installed yet but hear nothing but good things. Honestly, i would like to strangle whoever thought it was a good idea to put carpet in a boat
  3. I was quoted Aquatraction, just the cockpit area was $650. That was removing the carpet, glue and installation of new. I believe the entire boat was around $3,000.
  4. I fished Saturday morning around Campbell Point and Sunday Morning from Shell Knob Bridge to a few miles up the Kings. Saturday Morning I had 12 Walleye spooning docks with 2 at 19". caught them in all different age classes from 6" to 19", pretty unbelievable. Not sure where the surge came from but it sure tastes good.
  5. Very sad news, always appreciated Bo and his knowledge.
  6. How much were you asking for the 10'? looking for something to paddle across a slough for deer hunting. Thanks!
  7. I found it interesting that he was getting the same, actually more, bites with the 12lb leader. those smallies are so mad on the bed it didn't seem to cause an issue
  8. Wheeler is flat smoking them, not the biggest fan of his personality but he can catch em. 11lb in the last 20 minutes. I'm ready to make a trip haha!
  9. John Cox has got to be one of the fan favorites, the guy fishes every derby known to man!
  10. Boy they have been catching em! Went up to Grand Traverse Bay 5 years ago or so in August. I thought the fishing there was amazing, St. Lawrence looks even better!
  11. Fished Wednesday evening, tried dragging a jig around in some new areas but didnt have much luck. Did run into a few of those big goggle eyes. Couldn't drum much up so i made the milk run the last hour and boated quite a few on the gravel, swimbaiting, 20'-30'
  12. Fished 6/22, same story with the swimmer and Dixie Jet. Mostly non keeper sized fish but had over 30 in a few hours. Back out tonight, going to switch it up and drag a jig around
  13. Fished last night from 6-8:30, Shell Knob area. Consistent action with a small swimmer and Dixie jet, mostly on gravel, 20-30ft deep Fished 2 bluff ends but they only produced a few small fish. Talked to a guy at the ramp and he had a flurry for 30 min. with a chatterbait in the wind on main lake bushes. I was hoping to run into a Walter! Back at them tonight i suppose.
  14. We caught several this weekend while targeting bass, all on a swimbait. they were on main lake gravel in 18-25ft, some real dandies
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