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  1. Saturdays are currently a difficult thing for me to make work. I had asked off for this, but then we had people out sick and it just couldn't happen.
  2. I'm sorry I had to work and miss this one! I'm sure it was a good time, and obviously a great cause.
  3. I have a very good friend who was really close to Lonnie. Last year, I was talking about needing to really stock up on jigs and was joking about if they were so close, why couldn't he get Lonnie to hook me up. About 5 days later there was a box on my front porch from Lonnie Stanley. I went to grab it really quick and it weighed a ton. Went inside and opened it up to find probably 100+ jigs, several spinnerbaits, and a note from Lonnie congratulating me for putting up with his friend. It blew my mind. Such a great generous guy. I hated to hear the news of his passing last week.
  4. I have now caught 3 hump backed walters. I wonder what causes it?
  5. We caught quite a few up the white last Wednesday. All on a drop shot and at that time all around 24 feet deep and right on the bottom.
  6. I'm in and will fish with my 15yr old son pending approval of that day off from work.
  7. Glad I stayed home! I'm planning on starting back to the club this next week though.
  8. I don't think there was enough rain to make it bad.
  9. I have read that most of these guys deep crank with 5:3.1 and the ones that don't do that do it with a speed in the 6 range. That was new to me that David Fritts would use a reel that fast. I use as slow of a reel as I can get away with on those big cranks, but I also have to crank the hell out of it to keep up with it if moving down a bank at all.
  10. Yeah. I was going to go a couple of weeks ago but it was trying to make me buy 4 seats at a time and I only needed 2. Figured I'd get up there when it got a little warmer anyway.
  11. That Royals hat will always get a like from me!
  12. You could always head a little south and put in at Tucker Hollow. The ramps at Beaver, and Shadow Rock have been useable lately too. I was just there last Sunday and we put in at Beaver. We had a tough day, but had no issues with access.
  13. It has been way under water, but I haven't checked in a week. We'd been launching off of the road at the end of the campground just past the bathrooms with zero issues though.
  14. The crankbait fish I was catching were on chunky rock with gravel around. All of them in the 1st or 2nd cut of a creek.
  15. Thanks sir. I actually tossed a jerkbait for a few minutes because I love that bite too, but they were eating that crankbait about as good as they can. I hated to leave!
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