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  1. Now the bass have to get bigger. Let's see if evolution really works 😁
  2. I'll take the box with the hell benders. Did you quit fishing?
  3. I haven't had much luck with it. As a welder, I always hated trying to repair something someone tried that stuff on. I am sure it has it's use.
  4. Here are some pictures from my trim repair, I hope this will help others to understand at least part of the mechanicals. If you have an understanding of hydraulics, it's a pretty basic little pump. If not, I would hire someone. Something that is very note worthy, knowing what to ask for, is half the battle. There are a couple small springs that go behind the needle valves, not shown. Shown one badly worn needle valve that allowed pressure to bleed off. Good luck
  5. I understand, I repaired the valves on mine. Mine was drifting down though, so it's probably a different valve. I didn't realize that there was a detent valve for impact, that's good to know. Thank you again
  6. Its like mushroom hunting
  7. Why do they crack? Water contamination? Mine is the same model or very near it 2004 merc 75hp 2 stroke
  8. My daughter has found some near Anderson Mo. She is good at it.
  9. I just cut a large choke cherry, it's dry and split, I am contemplating cutting another. This one was over 24" at the base. I have used some of it myself. Make an offer, if you want some. It can be picked up near Carthage Mo. The cash will go to my grandson who helped me split it. Most sticks are between 16 and 18 inches long Thanks Dan 417 669 8872 I'm on dayshift for the next 2 weeks. Text is probably best.
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