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  1. Personally I think the spoon bite is so fun !
  2. October will be killer on the gravel i bet !! Maybe no dang wake boats from the ocean...i meant ships🤬
  3. Those good ones, that's a great place too!
  4. I hope so. I plan on being less informative about the techniques, even though it's not in my nature. We will see how that goes, I love helping people be productive.
  5. I will put some in the box next year ! They were all nice, healthy, and fat. It's good to see.
  6. I know the pics are terrible, I was busy, i sure wish i had the gopro with me, it would have been epic!
  7. I got an early start. Put in at Campbell point, to target walleye. I tried a couple spots, nothing. Time for the bottom bouncer. I picked a channel swing with a gravel run out, picked up one 17 incher and a bunch of really small but feisty bluegill. I soon got tired of that. Went to another channel swing with a nice step, hit the spot lock, dropped a spoon(Binks many shad silver) and bam ! Found them ! I caught 19, 17" walleye and one 18" several spots, two were keepers, one fat white bass came off at the boat. It was nuts ! Then at 11am when the 1st wake boat plowed by, it was over. I have caught several walleye on tablerock but nothing this exciting ! You don't know how tempting it was to throw those 17" walleye in the box, they were fat, but I did not.
  8. I think I see a couple walleye on the bottom 😁
  9. No they wanted to play, then I got a couple hours of lake time to myself.
  10. My wife and I were commited to taking the grandchildren out for some lake fun. So we when for it Saturday afternoon. I still got some fishing in, and I found a really great drum bite right before dark😷
  11. I have thrown a jigging spoon into those, you can launch one of those things 50 yards, count to 2 then drop the rod tip and start working it back like a spook. You will at least get some followers. The thing looks just like a minnow running for it's life🤣
  12. I tried a couple things, fish are feeding in open water on bait fish. If you hear fish busting water it's probably not carp, I will have a fluke or paddle tail handy next trip.
  13. I used to hope to retire on the lake somewhere, but not any more. I thought maybe bull would be a good fishery with more economical living, as long as a guy could get above the high water line. Listening to all the commotion would drive me crazy, I think....crazier.
  14. I wonder how much fuel those things go through in a day. I bet it's crazy !
  15. Not sure about perfection but I would gladly show you what little I know. Thank you.
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