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  1. I have a trip planned for there starting Friday. We are taking our camper. Will the water be down by then? Will we be able to get to the campgrounds?
  2. I had a great time guys, can't wait to get together again. Let me know when anyone wants to make a run and do some fishing.
  3. No, more the other way, louuuuiseeeaaana voodoo spicy!
  4. I will be down tonight and was hoping to get some sage advice. We are planning on doing some wading and see what we can get into. Any spots or tips would be welcome. Also, water levels input is greatly appreciated.
  5. That sounds great! Fair warning, my chilli is a little spicy this year. . . No, going hungry is not something I am worried about. What comes out of @JestersHKafter is another matter. . . .
  6. It can be either day, saturday is probably best for me.
  7. @terrierman, I am down, but I am pretty sure that I won't hold a candle to the smoked chili you make. It is incredible!
  8. I can bring lasagna, or if we want more chilli I can do that as well.
  9. I will have my boat, I can fit 2 comfortably, and really can fish 3 in it. I will, however need some of your knowledge as I have never had my boat on this water. Any tips, or maps would be appreciated. I would, for sure, not be opposed to having someone with more experience on the water than I in the boat with me.
  10. I am not sure how I feel about being lumped with you JestersHK???!!! Big spoon, called it!
  11. I have a camper I could bring if needed as well.
  12. I will be there. Somebody has to make sure JestersHK stays in line! I can bring my little boat if needed.
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