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  1. I suppose they had resorts in the 50s... Cant wait to check it out w/ structure scan.
  2. Not able to get on Table Rock for a while, I was reviewing some areas to fish (from my table top). I found this roadbed with a row of buildings along it. A couple of questions. Given that the lake was filled about 60 years ago, would construction of a row of buildings along the road bed be normal ? Back when these would have been built, they probably would have been out in the country. AND, if they REALLY were/are there, how much of the building would be left at 70 feet deep. I will for sure check it out on my structure scan when I am able and post if I find anything interesting. O
  3. Got what I needed. Found a used power cord on eBay & bought a low amp 12V supply on Amazon. Now my winter will not be so long...
  4. Well duhh... If a battery charger only came with a Lowrance connection.
  5. WANTED: I am looking for a power converter to use my HDS (indoor data use) SO I need plug to plug (Lowrance to 110) thanks, Will
  6. Thanks again, put him on the fish. 2 Walleye & about 8 Spots and 1 small mouth. He was thrilled. thanks again..
  7. A friend is visiting next week. I would like to get him on some nice fish. Looking for Largemouth or Smallmouth.. Is the west side of Coombs Ferry my best chance? Thanks for any tips... Will
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