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  1. Release them all! I've been telling people for years they don't taste good. Naw... keep the small ones.
  2. We won our first game. Played guys from Spanish Harlem. Fun guys. But we got killed Wednesday. Bunch of college-proven guys that could play! I missed today’s game but they got beat again. One more tomorrow.
  3. Nathan said they got it all fixed. Let me know if anyone has any issues!!
  4. Thanks everyone. We’re in Tampa on the way home. Family is all good. Dave was a blessed man who stepped over to the next step in the driver seat and car keys in hand, just like he wanted it. We’d planned to talk to him next week about his driving...
  5. We'll probably play again - this summer may be. Be ready!!
  6. Well, I've embarked on a journey and I'm not sure where this will take me. This week, Marsha and I are in Coral Springs, FL where I'll play 4 games starting tonight in a tournament put on the the MBA Masters Basketball Association. I'm playing in the 60+ division. There are 10 teams in our group. I got my feet wet a couple of months ago, playing in Cincinnati in another tournament for "old guys". The organization has been around for 37 years and it promotes and sponsors tournaments all over the world for men and women over 40. While they put importance on competition, they promote fe
  7. I'm in Florida... flew in today. You know how those travel days go... flights, rent the car, TRAFFIC! They are nuts down here in Broward County!! Then I get a message that the images are gone again on OA. Oh man! Well, I've had Nathan (my tec guy) try to address the https issue with OAF. It's not secure. And we have members that aren't seeing images and getting blocked because it's not secure. The short of it - I use Amazon AWS to store our images. The forum thinks that's risky and shows it's an insecure connection. So we changed a few things - recommended by the forum ppl -
  8. I ran up and did One Cast up at the cable. Had some bites but couldn't connect. Rolled one. But did catch some nice rainbows in the eddies along the bluff below Lookout. Mainly white but did switch to olive/ginger and caught a few. Warmer water should help a bunch, regardless of shad.
  9. They fixed one, I guest took another off line. Must be doing some major upgrading or something.
  10. Hey when are you going??? We're flying out Monday.
  11. Water temp was almost 50 on the south side. It'll probably be a bit higher this evening. That's a good thing, if nothing else.
  12. They opened 5 gates this morning at 9 am. Plus one unit bringing the total to 15,000 cfs. I guess they've got another turbine down for maintenance again. Babler and I were up there when they opened it. Saw one spoonbill floating. No shad... but all last spring when they opened 5 we didn't see any shad. It's a crap shoot. I'll go up this evening and do One Cast up there and see if they like white.
  13. Thank You! Some Branson eateries are now closing 2-3 days a week because the help they have are over worked and they can't find anyone to work. Not sure how many but we're hearing it all over town.
  14. I have a supplier that is trying to sell me these - I don't have room for them BUT I can get some if you want. Don't know the price but they are knockoffs so cheaper than Rooster Tails. PM me.
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