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    Pursuit of God, His majesty, His greatness--with all of my heart, soul and might.

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About Me

In short, I am a human being, created in the image of a living God, Creator of all that exists, Who lives outside the box.  Why has He created such a thing and has done what He's done is as big a mystery to me as He Himself.  But He has and now it's time to seek Him for He is faithful to reveal Himself to those who do diligently seek Him.  In another words, we're stuck with Him so while we still have time on this earth, in this life, we better find Him because like it or not, He is God and we are not.  We are playing by His rules, not ours.

He is Righteous.  He is Jealous.  He is Fearful and should be Feared.  He is Holy, set apart.  He is Omnipresent.  He is Omnipotent.  He is Love.  

He chooses us, we don't choose Him.  He reveals Himself to us, we have absolutely no way to understand Him.  Jesus died for us so that we could have access to the Father, so we could stand before Him without being condemned because of our sin.

I have a blog and write a devotion.  You are welcome to visit and read.  http://phillilley.com

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