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  1. Wow thx! But I don't have a mullet. Just passing along something I thought was relevant.
  2. Does anyone remember when the news was accurate?? My gosh this is ridiculous!
  3. Thanks, Dutch. Can we believe anything anymore??? I can't find any other reference to Covid vaccine deaths worth a darn. Too late for me and my wife.
  4. Could be. I just thought we should know about it if it's more deadly than any vaccine EVER..
  5. Somebody just sent me this. I had no idea. Did anyone else? I’m glad my youngest is exempted from getting it due to bad reaction to flu vaccine. Me? I’m gmo I guess. https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/tucker-carlson-how-many-americans-have-died-after-taking-the-covid-vaccine
  6. The beauty of the US is we can all choose to do what we want. I think you’ve made a pretty far reach there. I’ve seen lots of old guys who had to give up fishing because they couldn’t put on waders or even get in a boat. I want to be able to do that for as long as I can. Once I can’t it’s drinking, cigs and desert for me😆
  7. https://youtube.com/shorts/7feRwMOc5kA?feature=share
  8. Yep. Drugs, healthcare and the lack of being eaten has done that. Old folds homes are full of long lived people but they aren’t active. Hard to be active and physically able when you’re over weight or no cardio stamina.
  9. You know I’m kidding. I can’t tell what is what on those. But I like em.
  10. Gear = Testerone How many animals can process their food into a non natural substance that wreaks havoc on their body? Skyrockets their blood sugar and puts them into metabolic disease. Now I'm no armchair doctor or biologist like you but I'm thinking not many.😁 I don't care if I live to 95 I care about is what I can do until 80 or so. Really just the next 15 years or so. Not just sit on the sidelines because my body can't keep up.
  11. It was already in the forecast before I posted. You'd think at his age he would have some sort of self control...😁
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