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  1. I just think by now we would have some solid evidence if they were around.
  2. Did they snap that octopus in trap and kill him? Then maybe.
  3. Nobody in the area. I wish we could.
  4. That old man on the current can’t get a 12’ tall monster on film!! Give me a break.
  5. You got a diving board on your blow up pool?! Show off.
  6. It’s not political. I’m concerned for the elderly. And the rest of us😂
  7. I’ve had a couple snakes. Took em to the river and let em go. I am kind of worried he wants to start a family. But I sure do like him. I have two cats on camera all the time. They are bird killers. I’ve thought of putting some treats out for them. Clearly they aren’t mousers.
  8. So I found a baby rat in my smoker and saw big moms run away. So I put out a trap to kill her but kept getting cleaned out without triggering it. So I put a camera out there. I have never seen the rat but this little mouse showed up. I put out a small mouse trap In place of the large rat trap thinking I would kill the mouse. But he has triggered the trap twice but didn’t get snapped. He’s fast like a little ninja mouse. I’ve grown to like him so I watch him on the camera instead of trying to kill him. It’s relaxing to watch him snoop around in the dark. I’ve never seen the rat again. Baby rat picture and mouse video. IMG_7637.mp4
  9. Hilarious!!! The dude is gone!! I can’t believe he’s the president.
  10. Plenty of skeletons of animals are found all the time. Deer for example. My in-laws had dozens of skulls and bones they found on their farm over the years. Decades actually. Most were found when plowing 100’s of acres of fields each year. How about the scat question? that’s a lot of poop to just vanish I just don’t believe a 10-12’ animal can escape detection in this age of cameras and the sheer number of people out in the woods.
  11. They never had any hard evidence there either 😆
  12. But don't rabbits just eat there poop once and leave a secondary poop?? Either way if these things are eating their own poop why do they need 12 deer at one time. You're helping @Ryan Miloshewskidodge my question so pipe down....😀
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