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  1. I was In STL county this afternoon. Two sauger, 2 small spots and an Asian. Big Asian.
  2. Maybe someone from Windyville 😂
  3. I guess he decided to throw me a bone. Looks a day trip up 44 today. Maybe to hit Uranus Fudge Factory😁
  4. It's been years since I went through any and I just recently told my wife we need at least hit up the ones around Springfield when we are tablerock...
  5. Plus you could show him the alien living under the skin on your little bicep...😂
  6. Fess up.... You were sweatin it. BTW my river hasn't budged. Can you drive up 44 a ways. Not an extended trip just stop at the gas station in Sullivan would be great.😀 There's a lion's Choice there....
  7. I never read those old versions of the bible. Thou, thy and all. 3 versions but none like those. Just couldn't get into the old timey speech.
  8. Got more views on social media back then for the apple...😀
  9. I noticed the gill but thought it was just camera angle. Nice catch though👍 I’m thinking of coming down this weekend or next. Trying to decide if I’ll drag my boat or not.
  10. I’m not sure they cut them it’s usually due to overcrowding in the hatchery.
  11. Looks more like a hatchery tail to me. Since the top of the tail is all beat up too.
  12. I still don't get the quote. I assume it's a bible verse but I don't understand it coming from YOU😀
  13. Hmmm. My thought was you slithered out😂
  14. I’m 40 plus years there too. It’s been that way the past couple years. I don’t fish them but did years ago and it wasn’t like that.
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